Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hockey Therapy?:

I was originally waiting for the Pens to christen their new home with a win, or at least win one for the Flower.... But it looks like that might take a while. I try not to fall into the usual Pittsburgh sports-fan mold. (I'm not from here! I'm immune!) You know who you are. The over-the-top/6 feet under fan. The fan that's certain The Stanley Pittsburgh Cup belongs here (you mean it doesn't?) with every win... Equally certain that the worst of the Pre-Mario (owner or player take your pick) days are back and will never leave. I'm sure you know the type.... clean cut, pleasant, tax-paying citizens by day. Foaming-at-the-mouth, rabid PensAddicts by night. Perhaps you've seen one in the mirror?
Anyway, I know for a fact that the Pens are notorious slow starters. They've had some key injuries (Staal, Asham, Orpik, Michalek) and the team or the team/goalie combination just doesn't seem to be in sync. I know there are 80 or so games left in the season and that there are a lot of points out there to be won. For some reason knowing all this doesn't really help all that much. Oh well, maybe there's some sort of 12 step program.... Not that I need it, or anything. I'm not addicted... or crazy or anything... Really! I can handle it.....

I have some good shots of The Tower of Flower Power, but currently Blogger seems to be having a meltdown and is unwilling to let me post any pic I haven't posted before..... So as soon as I smack it around of a while (2 out of 3 falls, no holds barred, cagematch rules) they'll be on this post. Until then... LETS GO PENS!!!!