Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The March of the Syko 300:

Petr Sykora scored his 300th goal tonight in a wild finish against the Lightning. Watching the first period almost made me fall asleep, although once it got to the third I'm glad I didn't. Marc Andre Fleury was rolling a shut-out until 4:34 into the third and then it was like someone opened the gate. Pittsburgh South scored 3 goals in just over 5:00. One on what should have been a blatant interference penalty. But, if they'd have called that, they probably would have called Feds on the Syko goal, so we might let that one slide. Flower was patting his goaltending partner (the left post) in the first, but he really needed their help in the third when P-South had 21 shots on net. MAF stopped 33-37 and was making some wild saves.
El Sid scored 2 PP goals Geno had 2 assists to keep the scoring race interesting. But the title of Sneakiest Player of the game goes to Mad Maximus. Talbot was run over by Koci in the defensive zone, drawing a penalty, Ko-ko then followed Max up the ice trying to egg him into retaliating. Max said something over his shoulder to Kocci (probably wondering how his mother was doing) and then led him, smiling all the while to prove his friendly intent, into the waiting arms (and fists) of Eric God-like. Eric tried to persuade Koci that sort of ungentlemanly behavior would not be tolerated, and that he should remove his hat in the presence of his betters, and then proceeded to rip it off and punch him in the head. Koko-puffs refused to be instructed, however and was escorted off the ice to write an essay on good manners. Later Artyukhin, the Sasquatch that's shaved like a man, must have called Guerin an old man, or something. So Bill decided to teach the young lad some manners... temporarily forgetting that Arty is 14 feet taller than he is. So Billy decided to rough him up a bit, and then give him a hug to prove he wasn't rejecting him as a person. They both went to the meditation chamber for some quiet contemplation.
You know how everyone has that annoying relative that just won't shut up. You know the one, brother, sister, cousin... parent. The one that just goes on and on and on until you just can't hear them talking anymore, they're just an annoying drone of noise in the background. Well, Stogie is my hockey version of that person. Somewhere toward the final third of the game I think I heard him say something about someone getting a broken hand blocking a shot. Turns out it was Ryan (Bugsy) Malone who'll be out for the rest of the season (I know it's only 2 games, but this is a guy who played after getting hit in the broken nose with a puck.... yeah, he's tough). I'm sorry to hear that Bugs was hurt, but there's a certain part of me that just figures that's the price he pays for not playing in Pittsburgh (vindictive, ain't I?).
Other News: Oh yeah, did you hear that the Pens had clinched a play-off spot? Wild, huh?
GO PENS!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Pens! Whoohooo! Almost fell out of chair at work but man that was awesome. Not too much room in the cubicle to do a backflip. That stupid Error I smell a conspiracy .. he jinxed Flower again and then some! BTW I decorated my desk with any and everything black and gold. It was awesome! Im gonna keep it for the playoffs though.

Two People we NEED to keep: SYKIE and DISCO DAN...

Go Pens!!

Stagerat said...

just think, if you lived in TB instead of My-jammy you could have gotten to see that game instead of the Panters.... think about it

Stagerat said...

Ok, that was mean. Thanks for spreading Pens-goodness in the Sunshine State my fellow Pensaddict. Oh, and GO PENS!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Oh man how could you! Me in TB, awww!

BTW I got tickets for Saturday Panters vs Capitals.

Just for giggles to see Ovenchicken and to see "what is so special" about Ovenchicken.. This aught to be interesting..