Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fleury not stuck in the past:

Game 5 save 1 out of 55

... forgive Penguins goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury

if he enjoyed last spring's run to the Stanley Cup final, anyway.
Not the result.

"To be able to fight through it together was tough, it was long," Fleury said. "It was so much fun, though, such good hockey, so intense.
"It's the most fun in hockey that I've ever had."

Forgive him? Forgive Marc Andre and the rest for the 5 or 6 most entertaining months of hockey in recent memory? I think I can do that. There's a small selfish part of me that wishes the Pens were just a bit less popular than their recent success has made them, so that I could afford to go to more games. But then I realize that even if they went on a losing skid most of the games are already sold out and I wouldn't get to go to them anyway. But forgiveness? Et tuo Obsolvo you are forgiven.
About the incredible run at the end of the season and play-offs:
"I realized it a couple of times, especially in Pittsburgh because our crowd was so loud and cheering with all the white towels and stuff," Fleury said. "When we'd score goals, and you'd see everybody up, it was crazy.
"I think it's good to enjoy it. Everybody wants to win, there's always pressure. But when you win, and you beat that pressure, that's the best feeling."
And for the rest of us? Watching a bunch of genuinely likable guys having fun and showing off their amazing talent will have to be enough.


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