Friday, September 26, 2008

Everybody hang on... new guy at the wheel:

Complainers and whiners, please step in front of the bus so your complaints can be processed in a timely manner. Ok, let's start out slowly and see where we go from there.

top: Ready to go. middle: First stroll on the ice. bottom: Fleury denying the power of Satan

Last Friday I was among the many who gathered at the scrimmage/practice in drooling anticipation of finaly being able to get my Pensfix. And let me tell you, there were things to be impressed with, but let's stick with the title character of this blog and deal out some pre-season Flower sightings. Fleury (on the black team) seemed very loose and focused but was somehow unable to stop Hall Gill's super secret practice shot during warm-ups. That got MAF a few jeers and Gill a round of high-5's as he skated past the apposing bench. All that was forgotten by the shoot-out when he stopped Croby's attempt and then rode his goalie stick like a hobby horse and taunted Sid. I have more pics to post and I will as soon as I figure out how to get this thing out of first gear. Thanks for your patience and more to come.


Lauren said...

I was at that practice too! :)

And I loved Fleur's "victory dance" after he stopped Sid' shootout goal!

Stagerat said...

Yeah, the 'regular' guys seemed loose and having fun (Talbot squirted the glass behind the bench and startled the hell out of one fan) The 'new' guys weren't having nearly as much fun, especially with the old 'rookies puck pickup' thing. lol