Friday, July 10, 2009

FPL and Marilyn Monroe:

Change this picture slightly, put Flower in the background instead of Chris Mason, put a flightless fighting fowl on the sweater of #77 and you'll have some idea of what might happen next season. The Penguins have just picked up defenseman Jay McKee from the St. Louis Blues (ok, I'll take back the hockey wasteland crack) for an absolute steal 1 year $800,000 salary. The Blues are paying him 4
times that
(2.63 mil) just to not be on their team. The bought him out of the last year of his contract to avoid the cap hit, which explains how the Pens can afford such a good defenseman at what basically amounts to a Dollar General Store price. He's had some injury issues the last couple of years, but we've dealt with that sort of thing before (Eaton). He's a shot-blocking defensive-defenseman and can help plug up some of the gap left by Scuds heading for Tinseltown. The Puckhuffers duo are already drooling over this 32 year old blue-liner's .... uh... attributes? As well as his physical prowess.... on the ice, of course. (Last I heard they were talking about eating Cupcake? I don't get it) One thing I want to know in all this is.... Who is it that hovers over Wiki with all news tabs firing? I swear during free-agency the player pages change faster than the ink dries on the new contracts. McKee was listed as a Pittsburgh Penguin before even Shero knew about it, I think. Oh, and by the way..... Greg over at PuckDaddy has a slightly different view on our newest FPL member. It seems that some incriminating photos from Dan Hinote's wedding have resurfaced, and Jay-bird is a HUGE Marilyn Monroe fan.... That's ok, Jay. I'm sure you're not the first hockey player to succumb to the allure of ... ok you're not the first to have too much Champagne and put on a dress, wig and falsies..... No wait. I can't think of anyone else that's done it, maybe you are the first. Oh well, welcome to the Pens. And remember, what happens in Vegas.... should have never happened. And if it DID happen, there never should have been a picture. But if there WAS a picture then.... you're screwed buddy, with the Internet this thing's going to be around forever....

Winter Classic?: The League is making a 'Major announcement about a special event' at Fenway Park in Boston next week. (uh.... let me guess.... )
Wed. 2:00 pm the League will announce.... oh who knows what, (Puckdaddy has some interesting speculations) and it will be simulcast on NHL network and One thing we can just about bet on: The Broons will be playing the St. Louis Blues in the Winter Classic this season. And how do I know that? All you have to do is keep track of where Ty Conklin is playing this year. He's moved to a team in the WC every summer before they played in it..... So far, the Deadmonton Oil-cans, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Detroi-it Red-rags. So the Blues are a shoe-in to get tagged for the game this year.

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