Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Was Only Gone for a Week! :

Personally, I think the Edmonton Department of Public Health takes the possibility of my visit a bit too far.

Sorry for the hiatus but I had to make a pilgrimage back to the Homeland. I missed out on a few things.... Maximus' surgery,(how well could he have played with two shoulders?)Guerin and Feds re-signing, Scuds and Gill leaving, (Sad!) signing Conner and Lee to the team, I somehow completely missed the Penguin's Facebook Page, Kris Le-tank and TK doing the weather on KDKA, Marc Andre Fleury, Sidney Crosby, Jordan, and the other two Staal brothers all getting invited to Team Canada Hockey Camp, the Penguins getting picked #3 in Fan Relations, (whatever that means) and possibly the end of life as we know it..... Ok, got a little carried away there, but that's just a sample of the stuff I missed out on by being in the Hockey Wasteland that is the Midwest for a week. (and yes, the St. Louis Blues are included in that) It's nice to be back in da' Burgh where people don't ask, 'What team is that?' when you're wearing the colors.... sheesh.

So, more random actions to come. When you least expect it.......... Expect it!!

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