Sunday, August 2, 2009

Canadians, Cups, Curries and Comas:

Few things can draw me out of my mid-Summer hibernation, but mention MAF, the Cup or Curry and any one would waken me, let alone all three. staff writer Mike G. Morreale was sitting there at his keyboard one day wondering to himself, 'I wonder who I think the 10 best Canadian players are in the League right now?'. Well, himself must have had a pretty good answer (or was really worried about the rent check) because he came up with enough of a list to write a whole article. El Capitan came in #1 on the list (natch) due to his looks, his charm, and pretty much because he's the youngest captain to lead his team to a Dance with Lord Stanley's Shiny Jello-mold. After a couple of old stand-by's like Uncle Daddy (Brodeur) and Jerome Arthur-Leigh Adakunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla (that's his name, I swear!) your favorite Flower and mine stomped into the #4 spot with his stunning game 6&7 performances. There are some other names you might recognize on that list, but what I thought was more interesting than those also-rans was an 'unofficial' statistic earlier in the article. It's quite possible that he made the whole thing up, but he states that 52.8% of the League is made up of guys from the Great White North. That's a lot of guys dodging Canadian taxes by working in the States, ya know?

Cup Stuff: Stephanie over at the Steel City Sports Fan has a list of who gets the big Shiny Thing on what date. I have no idea where she gets her info, but I'm waaaaaay too lazy to dig this info up on my own and I have the added bonus of having no problem stealing the fruits of other people's labors. Everyone pretty much knows that El Sid is taking de la Coupe Stanley home for his birthday this Friday (8-7, 87, get it?) but what is not so well known is that apparently Marc Andre Fleury is going to have it in Sorrel-Tracy the day before. Hopefully this makes it to the Stanley Cup Journal and then I can steal the pics and story from them and post it here.

Curry anyone?: John Curry, Baby Pens star, hopeful Flower back-up, and Puck Huffer bedroom fantasy guy has been signed to a 2 year contract. The official word is pretty sparse but PF (in the name of Curry, his Glove, and the Holy Posts) is saying that it's a 2 year, 2 way 1 million dollar contract.

Ok, other than a story about how a schizophrenic bipolar homeless dude passed helpful hints to Super Mario over his fence to help the Pens win the Cup, that's about all I've got for now. Guess I'll slip back into my Hockey-jones Coma again.... Someone be sure to wake me by Oct 2, ok? All this sun is bad for a Rat's complexion.

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