Monday, September 14, 2009

New Seasons:

Pre-season has started its wackiness... why it seems like only yesterday that camp started.... ok day before the day before yesterday then. Now begins the mad scramble to find somewhere ANYWHERE that a Pensaddict can catch a glimpse of their hockey-fix. And like every other season it's the same answer.... no dice. I've swept up and down the interwaves hoping for a hockey bone and the best I can do is.... NHL network is broadcasting the games on the 21st, 22nd and the 27th against the Habs, Leafs, and the Red-rags, amongst the 10 PS games they're broadcasting this year. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY is talking about Pens pre-season.... it's weird, but typical. I know that the Pens are playing Columbus Tues, but not even the perennial Blue Jacket fans The Puck Huffers have anything to say about the game. Have I entered the Hockey Twilight Zone? Oh yeah, it is pre-season, isn't it.
Well, the boys are playing the traditional Black and Gold Game on Thursday the 17th. There are no tickets left for this game that benifits the United Way. I got that news from a WBS paper because that's where the game is.

If rookie Brian Strait is impressed with 3,500 fans watching a practice, what's he going to do when (and if) he gets into a real NHL game? Brian, who's been playing for Boston University, had never played in front of that many people before in his life. He was especially impressed by the greeting given The Tower of Flower Power.

The Guys delivered season tickets again this year, but there's only a couple of vids. One of all the Guys (10 of them anyway), one with The Incredible Malk delivering to a family more undeserving than mine, and Croz delivering to the same lady that predicted the winning of the cup 2 years ago, I think. Of course once the Cup came in and the reporters started hovering she was shuttled off to the side until it came time to talk about Sid... Speaking of the Cup, the Champs are starting the season with the right kind of attitude, I think. They've hidden the thing until after training camp/pre-season, and aren't talking about it much at all. Not resting on their laurels, just getting back to business. I like that.

Happy Birthday to Me: September 19th will mark the 1 year anniversary of my first post on TFS. (you can look it up) I can't believe it's been a year already. I don't want to brag or anything, but the year I started blogging marks the first time in 17 years or so that the Penguins won the big shiny Jello-Mold. Coincidence? I think not.... Been working on some changes for the Banner and updating the widgets, but other than that it'll be the same nonsense I've been babbling so far. Thanks for reading (and commenting) even the ones that busted the Blogger... lol


Anonymous said...

Happy "FLOWERSHOP" Anniversary! Time flies when your having fun especially with Lord Stanley. Got tickets for the Nov 23rd game down here for the Pens and Panthers. It will be two weeks after my birthday and the same week of Flowers.

Pens did pretty decent tonight even though its pre-season. Cant wait till October 2nd. Will definately record that games

stagerat said...

Thanks Chick! and congrats on the tickets/birthday thing. And if I find myself mysteriously in Fla. toward the end of November.... lol