Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quick Shot:

For those of you who've been missing seeing the Tower of Flower Power half-naked and sweaty, this here's a pre-game vid for ya. And for everyone who didn't find the highlights of the game (and why didn't ya? it was easy) here you go.. There's also the written version and evidently Tangradi might make choosing Crosby's line-mate a bit more difficult.

Joe Starkey over at the Trib has some flattering things to say about Flower. I can't argue with his reasoning and frankly, don't really want to. Any time someone mentions MAF and MVP in the same sentence I always think it's a good idea.

Also, the Pens reduced the roster to 43. This still includes Fleury (natch), Johnson, Theisen, and (don't get too excited Puck Huffers) Curry as the goaltenders. 2 of these guys are going to WBS or elsewhere before the 30th. Shero likes having a veteran back-up somewhere in the system, but if I had to guess, I would almost bet on Flower/Curry for the regular season combo. Have to get more footage on the other netminders before I put any money down though.


Sunshine36616 said...

Awww, seriously, can he be any cuter? I'm already working on my poster for Flower for when he comes to Atlanta! I can't wait.

stagerat said...

hmmmm.... wonder if I should ask you to use your sign as advertising for the Shop.... lol

Anonymous said...

Got my Pen/Panthers tickets for November 23 and January 3rd. Downstairs in goal zone up close to the Flower.