Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ouch! That Hurts! Ahhh, That's Better:

It's getting to be especially difficult tuning in to Penguins games recently. Not just because they've lost four in a row, and not just because it seems like somewhen around the last Ice Age since the Pens scored 2 goals in the same game. It's just that it seems like every time the guys take the ice, someone leaves early and we don't see them again for 2-3 weeks. Maximus, Sarge, Geno, Kennedy, Orpik, Le-tank, and now Kunitz. You could add a couple of boozed up Parking attendants, 2 Giant Iggle bag-boys and a third grade class from any local grade school and field a team that has a good shot to make the play-offs. Geno will play tonight and Max and Sarge are skating with the team and should be back in the next couple of weeks, but I don't have a large enough supply of antacids to go through the same kind of slump that the team went through last Dec-Feb. There's been a run on them for some strange reason. Oh, and to add to the fun-ness the Pens are playing the Broons tonight, a team that shut them out not 4 days ago. (Where's that MOM and break out the Stoli) I think we've all noticed the weakness of an offensively minded system. It's tough to 'plug-in' substitutions when this many of your major weapons are sidelined. There's no 'system' in the world that can stand up to having basically a line and a half of your top players sitting in Mario's box during the game. Flower told's Sam Kasan, "I think we have the players in here that can turn this thing around and get some wins. Last year we had a tough stretch and we made it through and went all the way. It's a long season. We've got to make sure we deal with it well. We come to the rink. We practice hard." That, and getting some of these guys back should do it, I think. Now on to Other Things:

Other Things: Last week CTV's Olympic page was reporting that Stevie Y is seriously considering adding a Tower of Flower Power to his Oly line-up. It seems as though Yserman considers Flower's 'stock' to be on the rise especially with Luongo having his ribs BBQ'ed a couple of weeks ago and then Flu on top of that, limiting his playing time and with Mason and Ward both having their problems this season. Steve was busy with that Hall of Fame thing and a meeting with his Oly committee, but that didn't keep him from reminding everyone at least twice that he doesn't really have to say anything until late December.... Thanks Steve, we were hoping you'd forget that one.

Kunitz' replacement tonight will be Mark Letestu, and for those of you who don't remember (or can't pronounce) his name I've combed Faceoff Factor's Player Bio section to give you some insight. Basically he's touted as a Kuni-like player without the same disregard for his own personal safety. Although how a guy could wear Scary Gary's old number and not automatically be considered tough is beyond me. Also here's a YouTube of him scoring a goal playing for the Baby Pens.
So, I've asked the priesthood if they would say a few words about tonight's game and what I got was.....

I'm sure the Scotch had nothing to do with that...... LET'S GO PENS!!!!!! See? I did it and I can't even stand scotch. lol

I'm going to put the 'Let's go Pens!' pic up on every post from now until the next ice age.

0.4 SECONDS LEFT BILLY GUERIN YOU ARE A HERO!!!!!!!!! And Jordan Staal is one sneaky Canadian. Sliding up the boards and swiping the puck that Thomas left like a used hamburger behind the net. Oh wow what a game.... I'm completely out of Milk of Magnesia and Stoli.... wow what a win....

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