Friday, November 20, 2009

Slashed and Thrashed:

2 steps forward, one step back. Get Sarge and Maximus back in the line-up and loose our Super-Secret second goalie, Mc-keester. Guys were out of sinc, Flower run out of the net Eaton was out of Doan's Pills, it was just a slow-motion nightmare train wreck of a game and I'm just going to act like an ostrich until this kind of thing stops happening.
Thrashed on Sat. The Moose and Colby and Kovalchuk and Kozlov. They're on a winning jag and we're..... well, we're not. Something's got to kick that power play in the ass. I've got it! Someone get me Il Poppa's number and we'll have him bless El Sid's stick again. Gotta do something, I'm running out of MOM and the liquor store's all out of Stoli.

Thank you, Your Holiness... There are no Pagans in Penalty Boxes.

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