Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Flower Rants and Chants:

Caution: I don't normally use this forum to rant and rave, but this is an extreme event. Thanks must go out to Raine for nixing the language I intended to use.

There's a list I keep in my head of people that deserve bad things happening to them. It's called the Quick Karma list, and once you're on it, Bad Karma naturally and inevitably comes your way. This is a bad list to be on. But there's another list that's even worse, it's called the Instant Karma list. Once on this list people just don't last too long. You may ask yourself, "Ratt, why did I need to know this? Am I a member of one of these lists?" No, but there's a tweaker that wrote into Dave Molinari that just jumped to the top of the IK listings. Molinari is the PPG reporter that runs Pens Q&A. Some moron, who shall remain nameless (John from Pittsburgh) not only called Marc Andre Fleury a "middle of the pack goalie" who "gets hurt a lot" and " is a 1st round pick, he should be a difference maker", but also says the Pens " should trade him now before everyone else figures it out". I don't know what late-90's Craig Patrick ruled, trade the good player, alternate universe you slipped in from but, John, seriously, did you bring enough of whatever you're on that the rest of us can trip out too? Because you've obviously either imbibed some heavy pharmaceuticals, are a time-traveller from a not too distant past, or you've been in a coma for the last year. (run to the '08 SCF and best save% in the playoffs themselves ringing any bells?) I'm not going to knock Sabu and the wonderful job he's been doing in the absence of MAF, but there's no way that "Sabourin is the better goalie". I don't have the time or patience to teach a hockey challenged band-wagon fan who obviously jumped on that wagon so recently the reality of the situation. (and quite frankly, my keyboard can't take much more punishment.) I'll give Molinari props, he immediately recognized the other-worldly nature of this bozo (John from Pittsburgh) and had some very intelligent things to say about the situation. Unlike John, who will soon learn that there's only one way off the Instant Karma List, and that involves notification of next-of-kin.

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