Monday, December 15, 2008

The Return of the Flower:

We've all waited patiently (more or less) and the day will soon come that Marc Andre Fleury, The Tower of Flower Power, will return to the fans, the team and the goal that has missed him so much. PPG is reporting that MAF will return to the ice Thursday against the Thrashed. "The thing for me will be to just do my job," Fleury said, "Like I can. And like I should do. If I do, I'm confident the team should do well." The team seems to agree with him: "He's one of the leaders on the team." Brooks Orpik said, "When he's in there it gives everyone a lot of confidence." (including the Pensaddicts, Brooks)

Rob Scuderi also chimed in, "You know a guy like him could possibly make a big difference in a game, could really steal a game."

No one is downplaying the role that Sabu and Curry have played in Flower's absence, but they all pretty much agree that Fleury is the man. (Well....... yeah) Flower injected a note of reality to the situation regarding his return. "I can't score goals, and I 'm not going to fight. (uh... I've seen the footage, he can fight) We're a team. We're going to win as a team, and we're going to lose as a team."
The Face-Off Factor has an interesting take on the 'Sabu situation'. They seem to think that Sabourin is doomed to be a back-up, but if someone offers him the right money, and a chance he'll be gone like he was shot out of a cannon. I agree with the second, but doubt the first.

Mad Maximum has a 'slight chance' of playing in Thursday's game according to HCMT, but the're 'aren't many' of the Pens injured going to return for that game. (the list is long and I can't bear to look at it any more)

Petr Sykora was named #2 Star of the Week, today. Having a first career HT and 9 points in 4 games can do that for ya. (I wonder if Syko would like my plans for a Hat Trick hat cannon?)

If you've been wondering how Pen's prospects Caputi, Sneep, Jeffery, and Strait have been shaping up, has an article for you. Personally I'd like to see Caputi get some Baby Pens action next year and maybe some Pen-ice time too.

Other Stuff: Well folks, it's semi-more than official Sean (IFSA) Avery is persona non grata in the Stars' organization, and has been given advice that he should basically, continue with counselling and possibly find himself a day-job.

Chris Osgood, in my humble, yet all knowing opinion, is the quintessential All-Star backup goalie. He plays harder than whomever he's backing up to prove that he should be #1, and then when he gets the job, he's less than spectacular.(read minor-league material) Says a lot for his competitive nature, but should also say something about making him a starting goaltender. This year is no different: his save% is 8.75 (last in the League) and his GAA is 3.20 (bottom 10 or so). If he weren't playing for a powerhouse like the Red-rags he'd be sent to the minors so fast he'd leave a vapor trail. CBC sports has a rather ambiguous article about the 'star-goalie', you can read for yourself. (but I don't know why you'd bother.

Ali, you've been with the Shop since before I started I think. And when I randomly come across something appropriate (in my opinion, which rules, btw) I just have to post it.


Ali said...

Wow. That's pretty cool. Very very cool -- especially exciting that there is actually a graphic with ali spelled A-L-I... because not many people spell it that way.

Thanks for posting it -- I think I'll save it to my desktop in case I need it for something sometime... not sure what I would need it for, but hey, you never know...

I am VERY excited for MAF to be back in the net on Thursday... I seriously cannot wait!

Stagerat said...

You mean it's not Thursday yet? Awww maaan!...

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