Monday, December 8, 2008

A Great Day for Flowers:

The Tower of Flower Power (aka Marc Andre Fleury) started skating with the team in practices today. So that definitely makes it a Great Day for Hockey! HC Michel Therrien said, "He's getting closer, and closer. That's good. Hopefully pretty soon, he'll get back." Yeah coach, hopefully you're right. I've posted his interview, but I'll save you some suspense, he's got to check with the trainers and see what they have to say. I think the reporters asked that question about 4 different times in different ways, as if by speaking the secret combination Flower would suddenly be able to tell them what they (and we) wanted to know.

In further FPL news, the human sequoia, Hal Gill is out with his 'undisclosed' hurting. (I STILL hate that) Evidently he injured his 'undisclosed' on his last shift against the Sens. I don't know when that was, so I don't know if his 'undisclosed' is the reason it became his last shift, or not, but he's going to see the doctor about it sometime today. Ben Lovejoy will be protecting Sabu-tage against the Buffaslugs tonight. Ben's 6'2"-215, and has been playing in WB for a while now. But the only thing I know about him is that he's big, he's right handed, and he's got a cool last name. Ben and Go-Go will be paired up and it's Therrien's advice that Ben, "keep it simple, he's got some poise with the puck. For him, the challenge is to play really solid defensively." Ben is just hoping he's here long enough that Go-Go can give him a tour of Pittsburgh.
Other Pensaddict Stuff: El Capitan, Sidney Crosby is at the top of the voting for the All-Star Game. Evidently some people really like this guy. Geno is also climbing up the charts for a starting position in the game (I guess people think he can kinda play this game too).
Nutrition seems to be important to NHL athletes (ya think?), but difficult to maintain on the road. I know when I was on the road (non sports or felony related, I have to say) it was so easy to hit McD's drive through and get the food thing over with quickly. The problem is, when you do that you can't figure out later why you're tired, cranky or buzzing like a bee on meth. I could deal with a bit of inconsistency, these guys can't. (If you need a hint about me being on the road, check out the nickname, it'll come to ya)
Other Stuff: It seems that IFSA is going to find out if he just put his foot in his mouth, or the entire skate. Tom Hicks, the Stars owner is meeting with the rest of the brass to figure out what to do with the worm. Not only did Hicks fully support the League's suspension, but he's left the door open to sweeping Avery completely out Dallas's door. He's taking serious consideration to Dave Tippet's recommendation. Dave recommends that Avery hit the bricks. "I'm trying to build a team where the players care about each other, that has continuity." Tippet said. "I find it hard to believe that Sean could come back in the room and we would have that continuity. My job is to build the best team possible. I don't know if we can build the best team possible with Sean in the room." Translation: Sean, pack up your barbies and hit the road, your fashion show in Dallas is over.

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