Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hungry Penguins are Dangerous:

These guys are still pissed about that last Oiler spill
Marc Andre Fleury and the Pens will crank it back up tonight after a 4 day lay-off after a decent win in St. Louis. The only things the same about the line-ups tonight are the Crosby line, Flower in net, and the logos on the sweaters.
Goaltender: The Tower of Flower Power
You'll notice that Dupuis is back from that dreaded undisclosed injury, (I looked it up in a medical book, and I can't find an 'undisclosed' anywhere on the human body) and will play tonight, you'll also notice that Eaton is a healthy scratch for the second game in a row. He and the staff have had conversations. But Eaton, who acknowledges that he's not quite up to par, is keeping mum about the whole thing. Methinks someone is being spanked.
Flower Vid Alert: Post morning skate vid from today:
Contrary to popular pre-season belief, no one on the defensive squad is panicking. Other than a moderate lack of scoring, everyone thinks the defense is doing a (I can't help but say it) bang up job. Even though they're 25th in the League in shots allowed (32.4 per game) they're 7th in goals allowed (2.33) (hmmm might there be some stellar goaltending going on there?) "These guys are doing well at keeping the shots to long range shots. As a goalie, you like that." says Fleury.
Orpik thinks it has a lot to do with not feeling sorry for themselves about what they're missing. And the Human Sequoia that is Hal Gill? He says, "It doesn't surprise me. This is a proud group."
Michel Therrien finally responded to the disjointed ramblings of Alexander Semin made about El Sid today. He laughed when he answered, but he was giving the reporter Canadian Death Eyes while the dude was asking the question.

More to come as the random numbers in my head jell into semi-coherent thought.......

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Ali said...

Ahhh... I loved Michel Therrien's answer -- I like the guy more and more every single day. :)