Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Flowers and Satan-ic Penguins

Marc Andre Fleury and the rest of the cast skipped practice to play soccer Monday. No, they didn't hold a mutiny, and no one tied M. Therrien down and taunted him by pelting him with soccer balls. Mike decided it was a 'good day to go to the gym' so while only 4 Pens went through skate drills, everyone played a little pick-up soccer and then hit the weights. Crosby and Cookie manned the goals and according to MAF, 'Satan made everyone else look bad'. Miroslav Satan may be making everyone look bad playing soccer, but The Lord of the Infernal Realm is looking pretty good on the score sheet. He leads the team in goals (6) and with his 4 assists he's third on the team in scoring.
Flower had his say after practice today about playing the Oilcans Thurs.

The Tower of Flower Power, feels that any team in the NHL is worthy of respect, and that a goalie 'always has to keep himself ready'.
Other Penguin Stuff: Brooks Orpik, Eric Goddard, Phil Borque, and Brian Trottier were all at Clark Cheverolet Mon. night signing autographs for an un-named charity. They were signing anything that you brought in, or bought there, and the proceeds were all going to charity. (I hope that Brian has learned to clean up his language since this vid was made) (warning NC17 content) Ultra Marathon man Phil Rosenstein is running across the country for the Mario Lemieux foundation, and will be honored at the game Thursday. He started out in Cali (Santa Monica) and ran Rt. 66 to Chicago then, via Picksburgh, to Atlantic City NJ (hey, fit guys got hit the tables too) in about two weeks. There would have to be a LOT of really big guys I owed money chasing me with objects of mayhem to make me run down the block, so I have nothing but respect and bewilderment for this guy.
Marc Andre Fleury, Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Sergei Gonchar, and Ryan Whitney have all been named to the All Star-Fan Ballot. Voting will begin Nov. 12, and fans can vote as often as they like. I'll post the link as soon as the voting starts. (hint, hint). I'm not sure what 2 players that are on the IR are going to do if they're voted in, but I'm willing to find out by shamelessly voting for them repeatedly.
Other Goalie News: Martin Broduer will have to wait 4-6 months to continue his quest to eclipse Patrick Roy and Terry Sawchuck's records. What was originally lied about (preliminary diagnosis) as an 'elbow bruise' turns out to be a torn biceps tendon in his left elbow. Uncle-Daddy is 7 wins shy of Roy's record 551 and 5 shut outs shy of Sawchuck's 108. He'll undergo surgery Thursday and the team 'will be making no further comment until after the surgery'. Big deal, most of what they've said so far you can't trust anyway. If you get the idea that I don't like 'non injury disclosure hockey' you wouldn't be far wrong.


JH29 said...

I think with Brodeur injured NJ Devils will still be a decent team. They can still make it into the playoffs with a strong overall team play and good coaching by sutter. THey are not in as much trouble as everyone says they are.
My predictions and thoughts:

Stagerat said...

The Debbil's main problem will be overcoming not having Brodeur in net, just because they have so much confidence in his ability. Not only is he a world class goalie, but his mystique counts for extra points as well. They're going to have a tough time getting past that...