Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Very Penguin Thanksgiving:

Giant Flying Penguin Crushes Onlookers at Local Parade on Long Island!
Seriously (sort of) in the next 24 hours or so tens of thousands of people will go from watching the Pens against the Isles to a triptophane induced coma watching the Detroit Lions get their butts handed to them for the 14th Thanksgiving in a row. Translation: Hockey good, Football...... ok. So here's my contribution to the Holiday festivities. When someone in your house zonks out on the couch, face to the ceiling, snoring away, take one of those leftover brown and serve rolls that turn into rocks 20 minutes after they cool down, and place it ever so gently on their forehead and take a picture. (blackmail is such an ugly word, we prefer 'extortion') OK, on to hockey stuff!

Ray Shero, Gilles Meloche (goaltender coach) and Asst. General Manager Chuck Fletcher, all agree on one thing: Back-up to the back-up goaltender, John Curry is a 'Battler'. I think they mean that he never gives up on a game and he'll fight all the way through it. But it also might mean that if you get on his bad side he'll pop you in the schnoz. I had a chance to watch him during pre-season practice and I've said before that I like what I saw. He's a bit small at 5'11'', but he manages to cover the entire net if only through sheer stubbornness. Shero stated, "Curry wouldn't be with us if we didn't think he could handle the situation. You don't hand that kind of responsibility to a guy if you don't think he can handle it". Nuff said.
After game note: If you didn't believe me before, then perhaps this will convince you. John Curry making a timely save in his shut-out two period effort tonight on the Island.

What can you say about Evgeni Malkin? He's a beast, just a Russian hockey playing beast. I was glad to see him take the empty net shot he's passed up so many times recently to get the hat-trick. Also stealing a page from El Capitan's book to score his second goal sliding on his butt. 4pts for Geno, 3 for El Sid and a goal for Brooksie for a 5-3 comeback win. The Penguins lead the league in comeback wins with 10 now, but I'm pretty sure I could do without the whole 'Cardiac Kids' routine. I'll take any win we can get, but if I had my 'druthers' I'd like to see more blow-out wins and less 'blood pressure checks'. FSN will be showing the Winter Classic and Game 5 of the SCF on Turkey Day 2ce each, so you can avoid that whole 'Oh my God is that football game over yet?' thing if you want.

If you look at the third question on PPG's Pens Q&A you'll find an interesting speculation on what would happen if all the players on the team participated in the OT shootout and the teams were still tied. Would the goalies be able to have a go at it? Molinari says that the rules don't specifically forbid it, and while it might be cool to see Flower in full gear trying to deke out Ludnqvist it probably won't happen. But it sounds soooo cool.
More stuff later, but I just had to steal something from Snoop over at The Sidney Crosby Show. It's the guys, Including Marc Andre Fleury, The Tower of Flower Power, wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Once again, I saw it, and just had to have it, I've given her stuff too, so I don't think she'll come after me, or anything.

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