Friday, November 28, 2008

Undisclosed Buffaslugs:

I was doing research for today's blog (translation: wandering the Internet aimlessly) when I stumbled onto an old post at Ingmar Bergman Shoots! ( I have no idea what a Swedish filmmaker has to do with hockey, even in Canadia, so don't ask) and ran onto this amusing little pic where the ubiquitous Buffaslug was done to death by every logo in the League including the Fighting Penguin. After clearing the tears of laughter from my eyes I swiped part of it and brought it here. The Online Urban Dictionary defines the Buffaslug as: The new logo of the National Hockey League's Buffalo Sabres, so called for its slug like appearance. The Sabre's Buffaslug is one of the most poorly designed logos ever concieved by a major professional sports team.
We (I think I speak for Chris as well) at the Shop do not consider the logo to tell the whole tale of the team, but let's face it, silly is silly.
Game-ish Stuff: Mad Maximus joins his friend and fellow French Canadian Marc Andre Fleury in the 'Day-to-day undisclosed injury' club. The only difference being that there's footage (bad pun alert!) of what happened to Maxime and none on Flower. Max was seen walking around on his own feet so speculation (which is all we have) is that he hasn't broken anything in his left foot. The other notable thing about this is that 'Golden Helmet' Janne Pesonen has been called up from WBS to fill the hole in the lines left by Talbot's tender tootsies. Vince, over at Pesonen and the Pens is already drooling over his Turkey leftovers in anticipation.
D.O. over at Die By the Blade has done a Pens scouting report with a bit of help from Frank at Pensburgh who returned the favor by doing a Sabres scouting report. (I sense collaboration with the enemy Captain, set phasers on, 'WTF?') D.O. seems to think the Pens are some scary third period Flightless Birds, but the defense and goaltending situation has him puzzled. (Hey, join the club!) Frank thinks that with Vanek out with the dreaded 'undisclosed' the Pens have an edge in offense and the 'Slugs are too inconsistent in every other category to tell what kind of team is going to show up for the game. (I hear a lot of 'your guess is as good as mine in there)
Things to be Thankful for: Brooks 'The Hammer' Orpik can be thankful that the Pens are going to play in Buffalo, as he is from the area and will get to spend the Holiday with his family. But then again, I don't know his family, so I can only assume he'll be thankful for that.
All the Pensaddicts can be thankful that El Capitan, Sidney Crosby likes to play in the 'Burgh of the Three Rivers. "I live a pretty simple life," Crosby said, "I want to play somewhere people are interested in the sport, and for an organization that cares. I've got a lot of that in Pittsburgh. I feel pretty fortunate to be there. It's not the biggest city, but it's a city I really like" Aw Sid, we're kinda fond of you too.
And finally, Tower of Flower Power fans can be thankful for Youtube, as it's the only place for the last two weeks we've been able to watch the Flower.


Frank said...

Surely I am not conspiring with the enemy my fellow Penguin fan. And just to clear things up, D.O. previewed the Sabres on Pensburgh and I previewed the Pens on Die By the Blade.

D.O.'s not a bad guy, but he knows I have to hate him four times a year (give or take).

Ali said...

The Urban Dictionary has got that right... haha...

So funny. Thanks for posting it!