Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Clean Sweep:

Marc Andre Fleury and the Pittsburgh Penguins have swept the Carolina Hurricanes for the Eastern Conference Championship, despite getting no goals from Geno and El Capitan, although El Sid did return the favor to Billy Guerrin on an assist that was a mirror image of the play that netted Sid a goal Saturday night. But even though the scoring was there (ok Max's goal was weird, but it's still a goal) the absolute star of the game was the Tower of Flower Power. Whenever the 'Canes started to crash the net it was the quick glove and flipper feet (I was watching Error Youtubes and I have no shame) of MAF that pulled the guys out of any crack in the defensive wall. Flower faced 31 shots and only allowed 1 goal on E-Staal's wrap around 1:36 into the first. Fleury was making me a little nervous in the first following pucks behind the net, but it all worked out with only one or two heart-stoppers. Despite being out shot for the first time in the series 31-25 Marc-Andre was everything that a lot of people were wondering why he wasn't (?). He was Spectacular. Learning Stuff: I learned tonight that MAF has a 'tummy button' where all those pucks evidently keep going. During a post-game interview Flower said that it was easier for the guys to be loose and confident when you're winning. That may be true, but winning or losing still plays hell with the nerves of the fans let me tell ya. It's the Play-Offs no... wait.... it's the STANLY CUP FINALS!!!! (we pause now for a psychotic break) Mike Lange at the end of tonight's game: You can spit-shine your shoes, Mable. It's time to dance with Lord Stanley.That just about says it all, doesn't it?

Sid has obviously either been watching old footage of the Prince of Whales ceremony where Les Magnifique grabbed the Conference Trophy, skated it over to the team and then off the ice, and then on to win the Cup, or Mario had given him secret instructions. After avoiding it last year and losing to the Red Rags in six games The Kid nearly snatched the damn thing out of Daly's hands, and after taking the 'Triple Threat Pic' El Sid, Geno and Sarge all posed with the trophy, then immediately skated it over to the team. Some of them touched it, and some of them didn't. Breaking with superstition, but bowing to it as well.

Now on to the SCF and crappy NBC announcing and no jumbo screen. I don't know about you, but I'm going to be testing my patience listing to those guys slobber all over the Red Rags again this year. Then again, think about this: So far all the stuff 'they' said the Pens couldn't do at the beginning of the season and again at the All Star Break, the Pens have done. The Penguins made it to the Play-Offs, then through three rounds and are Conference Champs again. Let's see... didn't 'they' say that the Pens couldn't win the Stanley Cup?... I think 'they' did. Hmmmmm...... interesting.

But for now, I'm going to enjoy a bit of cool down time.... I think it'll be, oh minutes anyway before I'm itching for Game 1 of the STANLEY CUP FINALS..... GO PENS!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow unreal MAF was "Mr. Silent Killer".

Flower's Tummy Button: interesting, is that like his Bum Button when he makes saves with his bum. LOL!

A few omens: washed my hair with FLOWER scented shampoo, checked the weather channel and it was 87 degrees with a storm approaching, and saw a Fed-Ex truck while getting my coffee and crossed a 29th Ave all in one day..

I am so stocked! Way to go Pens and the FLOWER! BRING IT ON WINGS/BLACKHAWKS!

Stagerat said...

I've never heard of a 'tummy-button' before.... maybe it's something only goalies have? Good omens are never refused.... all you seem to be missing is, riding out to 71st Street on bus 13.... that would have been cool.

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never too late to say congrats :D

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That was an unforgettable game.

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