Monday, May 18, 2009

Waiting and Waiting:

You'd think that with just a couple of hours left to go the waiting would get easier. Nope. It's been a rough 5 days waiting for the start of the Eastern Conference Finals. I haven't even looked at my computer because I knew that would make the wait even longer. And with every news outlet now narrowed down to just 4 teams to cover and 5 whole days of nothing going on I figured I pretty much didn't have to post.They're still riding the Staal vs Staal horse about as far as they can go. Prisuta, over at the Trib, seems to be jumping the gun putting the whole series on Marc Andre Fleury's back. Although the article almost sounded like a revisit of the whole Crosby/O'Retchkin match up since he didn't even mention the Tower of Flower Power until the last two paragraphs. (except the title, give a goalie some love, will ya?) The news? Gonch skated, a bunch of Baby Pens were called up, Super Duper may not play tonight (but they said the lines didn't change.... hmmm), the Staals are brothers and Yanni wore an El Capitan jersey at his concert last night. There, I think you're all caught up for the game. 5 days off and in one paragraph I'm all caught up..... hmmmm.

In further news: The Pope was seen blessing Sidney Crosby's stick, so we've got that going for us.

Well, it's game one, I'm stocked up on antacids and alcohol. Got my lucky shirts set out in order of mojo. (if one isn't working, skip to the next one) Wearing my lucky sweatpants (commando, in case you're curious-it's tradition) all my vudu-pens memorabilia is perched atop the TV.... phones turned off, neighbors warned by the raising of the colors (pensflag), I think I'm just about ready to go.... in that top of the roller coaster kind of a way. It's clanking its way to the top, and we're just waiting for the plunge.... .... .... ...... HERE WE GO!!!


The Tower of Flower Power was absolutely stellar in the first two periods despite getting tied up with Le-tank allowing the Cranes first goal. A Crane's goal was disallowed after someone managed to topple the Sequoia into Fleury. (Paul Bunyan, maybe?) Flower just went back to work making mind-wobbling saves until Eric Staal (you know he has brothers?) scooted his stick away during a power-play late in the third to make the score 3-2. Despite facing a 6on5 and a ton of desperate chances MAF managed to keep the win for the Pens.

Miro Satan scored the first goal of the night sneaking out of the penalty box and beating Cam Ward with a sweet move on a break-away. Satan has been a class act going through being sent down to the minors, then sitting out the first series. He's working his butt off now and putting points on the board. Malkin scored on a sneaky backhand making Momma Geno do the Happy Towel Dance in the stands. (she had the hips going and everything!) And if only to prove that it pays to keep good guys around, Phillipe Boucher scored the game winner on a 5-hole dribbler that crept over the line. (we'll take it)

The Cranes had a couple of guys go down on leg-contact hits with the Pens. Ruutu (not Ruuuuuuutuuuuuu) looked like he pulled a hamstring when Eats knocked him down trying to slide around him, and Cole going down when he and Cookie crossed paths in the slot.

Well, that's one down..... several to go. Now we play the waiting game until Thursday..... Great... I love waiting........ really........... uh.......... yeah.


PensChickInFla29 said...

Well I intermittently watched the game Monday due to a hellacious rainstorm that knocked out our satillite. I saw enough to see Flower's big saves and the end of the third!

Go Pens and Flower (THE WALL!)

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