Friday, May 8, 2009

The Big Game.... Again:

Marc Andre Fleury, the Tower of Flower Power remains undefeated in Play-Off overtime! The Flower may be perfect in OT, but my nerves don't follow the stats. Every OT game makes me want to reach for the O2 and a sedative.... Let's try to win this one in regulation, huh guys?

It seems like every game for the last three months has been the 'big game'. That's probably because they all have been. Well the 27 hours that will determine the state of the series will be from the drop of the puck Friday to the end of the game Saturday. Best case: Pens up 3-2. Worst: Pens start packing up and calling golf courses. For the record: We like option 1 better. With a win tonight the Pens can have their foot firmly on the gas pedal and can use that momentum to hand the Craps a loss on their home ice and then bring it back to the Igloo for a little home-cooked series clinching action. Like I said, that's best case. Say what you will about the Craps (and I have) if you ever think that you've got them in the bag there's a young Russian in their net that will convince you that you've got another think coming. Let's face it, the team itself has been outplayed for almost every game but Varmalov has been shutting the door on the Pens right and left (I hate that guy). If they have a chance to win this thing they've got to put the doubt into Varlomov's head and keep it there. The guys are putting in the work, they've just got to find a way to reap the rewards.... I'm going to be doing my part. Once again I'll be the one on the couch, in the (almost) new Powder Blue Game Jersey with Satan on the back. (It worked once, let's see it work again)

Other Stuff: It seems that someone on the Internet threatened O'Retchkin's life. (And we care.... why?) Well amazingly enough it was a Pittsburgher. (not really) The Cops traced the threat to a 17 year old from Chambersburg... You mean right next to Gettysburg, Chambersburg? Yep, you guessed it, our 'Pittsburgher' lives 162 miles away. What do you want to bet they'll make a HUGE deal about that PA in his address not to mention the 'burg'? Let's not even look at the fact that this guy is A: a teenager on the internet and B: Almost twice as close to DC as Pittsburgh(99.7 miles). TSN is already calling Chambersburg a 'suburb' of Pittsburgh and talking about 'Retchkin's police escort in Pitt.(those Canadians love hockey in the US don't they?) It's a conspiracy I tell ya!! Those maniacs from PA all want O'Retchkine dead! What a crock.... (Pssst! they're onto us, call off the Hit-Pen!)

Other, Other Stuff: The Pens will now be broadcast into your lives 24/7 as a part of a nefarious scheme to turn you all into Pens-addicts (oh no, too late). The Penguins, and 105.9 the X are all getting together to create the Penguins Channel on HD radio. If you don't have an HD system (and shame on you if you don't) the channel will be simulcast on so you don't have to miss a minute of whatever the hell they find to fill all that time.


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It's a conspiracy I tell ya!! Those maniacs from PA all want O'Retchkine dead! What a crock.... (Pssst! they're onto us, call off the Hit-Pen!)

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