Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Penguins of Doom:

Here's the two guys who came up big in Game 3 Maximus: 2g The Tower of Flower Power who RULED the second period 27 saves. Not forgeting Geno's 3 point night, or Brooksie and TK smearing the ice with Hose-a's remains. But the two guys with the French-Canadian man-love thing going at the end of the game got the job done.

It's time to break out the Penguins of Doom..... or they'll be doomed. And we'lll all look like that->

I'm sure the guys know what needs to be done, and win or lose we're not going to be seeing the Pens stand around watching the game while they're at home. (unlike in Detroit) I could rah-rah and all that, but frankly thinking of the Red-rags winning the Cup from the Pens again makes me a little sick to my stomach. Nothin against the guys.... after all, who thought we'd even be talking about the SCF 6 months ago? Guys, it's been a good run, but it's time to CRUSH the Winged Whiners.

Malkin.... there's nothing I can say.... you're a beast. Flower.... couple of bad bounces, but it's almost like his head isn't in the game. Sid.... quit worrying so much about what's-his-name and you and the rest of the guys play your game. (Ok, I'm no psycho, I realize none of the Pens is actually going to read this... it's a venting process)

Don't look for any recaps (even the crappy ones I do) or much of anything else..... I'm planning either a drunken celebration, or a deep, abyssal depression depending on the outcome.


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