Saturday, June 13, 2009


The Pittsburgh Penguins have won that big shiny thing!!!! Absolutely tremendous game and The Tower of Flower Power made the game saving.... well save with just seconds to go, diving to his right to block a shot. Like Mike says, 'If you missed this one, shame on you for six weeks'... or even longer. The Detroit fans for the most part responded in a predictable manner. With a nearly complete lack of class. If they want to know how Class Fans act when their team loses the SCF then they can just dial back to last year. Did you hear any boos? Any jeering of the opposing team? No you did not. And that's just another reason that win or lose Pittsburgh Fans and the Team they follow are a step above them. And always will be.

One final note.... I don't care what they say on TV I know at least some of the players and most of the fans had an extra reason to win the Cup this year. And that was to say 'Stick THAT up your ass Hose-a!! Now alcohol and the lateness of the hour compel me to end this post. But before I go I just have to say... Thanks guys. It's been a blast watching you, and being a small part of the experience. GO PENS!!! AND THE TOWER OF FLOWER POWER!!!!!!!!!

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Its has been such an amazing ride. I was unfortunately at work and was able to catch some on ESPN and my mom. Even though Im in Fla it makes me a proud Pens fan! Wish I was up there partying with ya but will open the champaign Sunday! FLOWER was unreal tonight as well as Max. This gets me excited for next year. Go Pens!