Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Saluting Detroit:

Saluting Detroy-it

It's time for war.
It's been a good run and I don't want it to end. The Tower of Flower Power is not ready to play golf yet. So Max, set that tournament date back another couple of days 'cause we're gonna take this thing back to Detroit Rag City.


The Ever Dangerous Rob Scuderi (secret second goalie) certainly earned his Goalie hat tonight. Blocking shots, stealing pucks and clearing the crease on Franzen's shot, with hoards of screaming Red-Rags bearing down on the puck. And then on the 6-5 during the final minute of the game Scuds made 3, count 'em 3 fantastic saves in a row, in front of an open net, helping out his Flower-buddy without whom none of that would have been possible. Earlier Cleary got a breakaway at about 1:35 left in the third and Flower played him strong and got the save to keep the 2-1 lead. But for me the Tower of Flower Power moment was on Zetterburg's shot that rang off the post, an eerie mirror-image to the one in Game 6 last year that MAF put in with his butt, this time Flower looked back, timed his butt-drop and trapped the puck between his legs for the whistle. The camera zoomed in for a close-up and there's Flower, with that smile on his face, and I was thinking 'That's a good omen'.

So, now it's stock up on the MOM and Stoli and get ready for Game 7 in Detroy-it Friday.... I'm still not sure I can survive the wait, or the game.... Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

That was a pretty awesome game. Flower would have had a shut out but I think a certain "Error" jinxed him. But hey a win is a win! I yelled Fleury all the way down here in Fla and still continue with my ritual of flower shampoo, wearing white, went 29th ave, saw two Fed Ex trucks Monday nite, and watched Waterboy "YOU CAN DO IT!" But car decided to quit but was only 4 hours late to work. Anywhoo, is it Friday yet!


Stagerat said...

lmao You've got almost as much ritual for the games as Crosby! (I of course have no superstitious game rituals) Unfortunately for my sanity it's still two more days til friday.... But that gives me plenty of time to wear my Satan powder blue jersey to Giant Eagle, get my Penguins Old Tyme Hockey shirt clean, order my lucky chinese take-out meal and make sure my Crosby and Lemieux figures, miniature SC and commemorative puck are all arrainged in the proper order. (nope, no superstitions here) GO PENS!!!! AND THE TOWER OF FLOWER POWER!!!!

ali said...

You have a Satan powder blue jersey? Sorry -- but that might make me laugh, just a little bit. But, of course, it's laugh in a good way. Satan's been a pleasant surprise these playoffs. :)

You guys' pregame rituals are fun... I'll proudly sport my Brooks Oprik jersey all day!!

The Pens have a chance to win the Cup! AHHHH!!! LETS GO PENS!

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