Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the... Huh?:

The Flower teaches Geno the Goalie Dance

The Pens gave the Igloo a proper regular-season sendoff Thursday night against the Isles, (Oil-cans? Where the hell did I get that?) winning in stunning fashion 7-3. But I bet they wish they'd kept at least one of those goals for Sat. when they lost 1-0 to the Thrashed.

The Tower of Flower Power stopped 21-22 with some acrobatics and more than a little help from his goal-post friends. Eric God-ly had a marathon fight with some Atlanta goon (Eric Boulton) that lasted well past curfew. Wow, I was waiting for the ring-girl to come out between rounds. It was nice to finally see God-like out there, getting a roughing call putting E. Kane in his place after Kane was taking a few liberties with El-Capitan.

What wasn't funny was the earlier scrap between Evander Kane and the Cookie Monster. From the replay it looked as if Kane got a good shot on Cookie and then punched him again as he went down and cracked the back of his head against the ice. Cooke skated off on his own, but didn't return and so far there's no word on his condition. Once again the Moose came back to bite the Pens in the butt, (moose-bite, that's got to hurt) stopping all 33 shots sent his way, and several that weren't. I know it was cute when he was here, but I'm getting really tired of Moooooose! ringing through the rafters after yet another save.

So, with the Debbles basically crushing the Isles (and let's face it, it was fun when we were doing it) for the third time in four seasons the Pens will face the O Sens in the Play-Offs. So really the only reason to hold the second smIsles game this Sunday is to give the Croz another chance to break the 50 goal mark after it was robbed from him Thursday by Guerin's butt. Unless he just has a monster game it doesn't look like he's got much of a chance at the Art Ross (most points). He's 4 points behind The Grape Ape, and with O'retchkin and Stay-most both with 50 goals and also playing tomorrow, the Rocket Richard (most goals) is not a sure thing either. We shall see what we shall see

In other strange news, the Beantown Bears scored three shorthanded goals in about 2 1/2 seconds (1:06) against the Hurricanes. Just smashing whatever the old record was by about an hour and a half.

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