Thursday, April 8, 2010

Like the Corners of My Mind... in the Round:

Tonight is the night we say our regular-season 'goodbye' to the Igloo. (I don't care what bank sponsors it. It's the Igloo, damnit) They're planning on having about 50 former players attend a pre-game ceremony. Some of which living people might actually recognize. 'Cause except for that guy who's been a season ticket holder since '67, I'm thinking there's going to be a lot of intros that're going to make me go 'huh?'.  I'm sure I'm not alone there.

105.9 the X was doing a series of player interviews today, and the first was (of course) The Tower of Flower Power himself. He retold a couple of pranks played on Ryan Whitney, his first game, and about how it's going to be weird not having to duck water, or wrestle mice for his equipment.

The X ran interviews of Sidney Crosby and Maximus as well, here's the page for all the podcasts.

If we're going to talk Flower Pranks, my favorite is still when he hid out in Army's bag in the locker room

It's going to be strange for some of the fans in the new arena, no roof supports in the way, no strange smells coming from the stairwell, (for a while anyway) no shoes velcro-ed to the floor in one step and flying out from underneath you in the next. Ahhh the memories!

My personal best TV memory of the Igloo is watching that 66 banner come down Dec. 27, 2000, and watching Austin's face as he watched his Dad's No. slowly fall from the roof. Let's hope the guys add one more good memory to the 'old barn' by crushing the Oil Cans tonight.

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