Sunday, April 25, 2010

An Interlude:

Sid's not on, so I have to do this one myself.

Firstly something you don't know: I bashed the nail completely off my left middle finger and haven't been able to type for the last week. So that explains the current lack of updatage.

Secondly, something you do know: (and if you don't... what the hell are you doing here anyway?) The Pens advanced to the second round of the SCF with a 4-3 OT game 6 win.

Thirdly, something you might know: That win means that the Sens haven't beaten the Pens on home ice in the SCF since '07.

Fourthly, something nobody knows.... Who the hell are the Pens going to play later this week in round two? The only certain thing is, it won't be the New Jersey Debbils. They took another quick bow out of the SCP to our town's favorite Phylthy Phlyers (The Crapitals are climbing in the polls, but we've hated Phylthy for longer). Unless the Canadiens pull something out of somebody's ass and beat the Crapitals (Wa. leads 3-2) it's likely that we'll play the winner of the Buffaslugs and the Broons. (Boston leads 3-2)
Fifthly Something everybody should know. After allowing 3 goals in the first 30 minutes of the game, Marc-Andre found his Tower of Flower Power cape and slammed the door on the Sens not seeing many shots, but making some great saves. Starting with this flurry (sorry) of shots in the first when the Sens really looked like they were going to be unstoppable.
I know two more goals were allowed after this series of saves, but this is Flower Power at its best. Keeping the Pens as close as he can while waiting for the guys to wake up. Also, here's the English translation of Flower's RDS (whatever that is) blog before the series started. This was found (by me) over at PensBurgh, and rushed to you as soon as my finger stopped being an 'owie'.

As to Video Review, sometimes called the War Room, but what I like to call the Flip a Coin Room. 6 reviews were made of possible goals in the series. Most were obviously correctly called. I'll even go so far as to say that they weren't completely stoned on a couple that didn't go our way. Then there's Rupp's shot at 12:40 in the first. At that point the only 'video review' I'm interested in is the one I've just concluded on the replays. I know they'll say when one angle is 'inconclusive', but another angle seems to show just what they're looking for (ie: white ice between the puck and the line) that doesn't necessarily provide 'incontrovertible proof'. What I say is, 'There's the puck over the line you morons'. And I don't even want to get started on calling Geno on some strange 'not allowing the goalie to make a save' call on Poni's shot in the Third. What kind of crap is that? If that's a real call we're going to see a lot more offensemen thrown on top of goalies by D-lines when the other team shoots anywhere towards the net. I know we won the game and the series, but screw 'letting it go'. Crap is crap, wherever you find it.

More to come at seemingly random intervals.... GO PENS!!!!

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