Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cherepanov Update:

I ran across this story at CBC.ca and almost passed it by, thinking it was just some Russian politician blowing a publicity horn. Then I read it, and the more detailed version at TSN, and the thing that disturbed me was the possibility of Cherepanov having a known heart condition.
Russian investigators said Cherepanov suffered from chronic ischemia, a medical condition in which not enough blood gets to the heart or other organs.
Moscow regional investigator Yulia Zhukova said officials would look into why Cherepanov was playing with ischemia, and said officials could open a criminal investigation.
The defibrillator controversy, the EMT controversy, these are all serious things, but need to be addressed in Russia. But if he had this heart condition (Iscemia) it becomes a question of who knew, how much they knew, and why didn't the NHL know about it when they allowed him to be considered for the draft? For the truly morbidly curious there's a Youtube vid of the team hustling Alexei off the bench and into the training room.
Late Edit: Sergei Gonchar's reaction to fellow Russian's death.

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