Monday, October 13, 2008

Marc-Andre Fleury and Some Intermission Feel Good:

Once again, scouring the Interwaves. Bringing you the best.... random crap I can come up with. Semi-seriously though, in this time between games, when contemplating the last loss and looking forward to (hopefully) the next win, you just need some 'feel good' to get the old hockey juices flowing. So, like a shotgun of goodwill, here's my attempt to make the 'off day' a little more 'on'.
First up is a vid of MAF's version of 'How to get your team-mate to never trust their hockey bag again':

I love the look on Armstrong's face when he realizes that there's a Flower growing out of his bag.

Or, if you're into the more traditional 'feel good' is running a story on one-time Penguin coach, Herb Brooks and his legacy with the current inductees to the American Hockey Hall of Fame. And whoever even thinks his name and doesn't think about this?

But really, there are only two ways to truly feel good on an off day, 1) Hear something good said about one of the FPL, like the Trib's Rob Rossi has to say about League Member Kris Le-Tank. I know he's had some stumbles so far, but remember, Letang is a second year defenseman trying to take the place of a 14 year defensive beast. When he stops trying to fill Sarge's shoes and starts filling his own, things will smooth out.
2) The second way to truly feel good during an intermission is to hear about highly paid morons doing stupid things and getting busted for it. (and let's face it, that's truly the most entertaining) Kind of gives you a warm glow all over to hear about Sean 'the A-hole' Avery is starting his season right were he left off last year. In the Stars home opener, and second game of the year, IFHSA (to borrow from snoop) has already earned 2 game misconducts. And, as the saying goes, three strikes and you're out, buddy. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
On an ever stranger note: On to the Columbus Blue Jackets, and no, the strange thing isn't that Columbus has a team, CBJ center Michael Peca was suspended indefinitely for 'bumping an official' during Friday's game with the (wait for it) Dallas Stars! (I think SA is contagious) I've seen the vid, (around the 1:17 mark) and it doesn't look like the Pecster actually bumped the guy, but rather grabbed his arm to protest a goal. As Alternate captain, you can yell, scream, cry, or mutter under your breath, but in keeping with the strict 'No Touchie the Stripey' policy the NHL has, Peca will be out basically until they decide what to do with him.
Late Edit: Truly bad news, Rangers '07 draft pick Alexei Cherepanov colapsed and died on the bench at the Omsk game today, details are sketchy or non-existent, but he was reported to be a protoge' of Jagr. No reason has been given for his death at this time. TSN

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