Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sabu-tage and the power of Satan:

I'll update this throughout today as more interviews are posted. I guess everyone at PP.com decided just to get the hell out of Beantown as quickly as humanly possible. (and who could blame them?)
Sabu was a beast in goal tonight, allowing Marc Andre Fleury a bit of a rest before the big road trip starting this weekend, stopping 35 out of 36 and allowing only 1 out of 5 in the shootout for the 2-1 overtime win. He looked absolutely awesome at times stopping breakaways and smothering rebounds.
The Pens once again took a series of penalties, culminating with Satan taking one for hooking near the end of the first period. Crosby and Malkin streaked down the ice at the end of the kill, Malkin drew a penalty on his breakaway and back hand shot, when the Master of the Infernal Realm snuck out of the box and top-shelfed the rebound. Which gives him the lead in most goals for the team. (Marion who?)
Just a bit earlier there was a 'fight' between Goddard and Shawn Thorton, and the FSN boys made a bit out of Thorton's last fight being against BGL, but from what I saw of both fights Thorton seems to just want to get into a man-clutch with tough guys.

Also in the first period, Mad Max seemed to have taken the target off Malkin's back and put it on his own as he was really whacked a couple of times by Boston players obviously jealous of his superstar status.
Second period was a back and forth duel with Sabu getting lucky with a couple of missed nets, but making some solid saves when pressed until Staal, obviously anticipating tackling his brother in another NHL commercial, took a stupid penalty and Boston proved its policy of 'Let's just buy big guys so they can get in the way occasionally' really paid off as Lucic was lurking around in front screening Phil Kessel's shot. 1-1. Later in the period El Sid got the tip of a stick in the face and, being a bit grumpy with the cold and all, decided to take it out on Andre Savard, pinning him to the ice and roughing him up a bit. I don't know if that was supposed to fire up the Pens, but it worked on Pascal Dupuis who got away with launching himself at Dennis Wideman behind his own net. I've never seen Dupuis so charged up to hit someone.
Third period was exciting to watch, but boring to write about. Except for a couple of excellent saves by Sabu and when the linesman got hit with a puck and then sandwiched between Biz and Hnidy.
Overtime was more of the same back and forth hard grinding hockey until I guess Staal was feeling guilty for drawing a penalty on a break away with Malkin, or thinking about smacking his brother on Thursday, and took a much embellished slash penalty to negate the 4 on 3. The 3on3 was a further case of, 'Just shoot the puck' as the Pens seemed to be putting on a passing exhibition to wind the game up.
Shootout: Le-tank: poke checked and shut down. Syko: flipped the short-side backhand into the net, Crosby: suffering from NyQuil hangover, denied, Satan: saving his power for the next game, denied, Malkin: Swings wide, stuns Thomas with his hip-wiggle-kick move and flips one into the net. Overtime Victory. If you didn't get to see it, here you go:
Speaking of Malkin, and speaking of speaking, the other day I reported that Malkin gave a Potash interview (update on Potash watch, no hits yet) and that if I found it, I would post it. Well..... here it is, it's tv to camera, the sound in the beginning is inaudible, but you get to hear the Incredible Malk speak.

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