Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Off Day

The age old question: What do you do if you write about the 'Pittsburgh Penguins Star Goalie Marc Andre Fleury' and the team's not doing anything? A: You desperately cruise the net looking for.... stuff about hockey. Q: What do you do as an avid hockey fan when your team's not doing anything? A: Well, if you're Canadian, evidently you build a hockey rink. If you've got a lot of room, or an understanding neighbor you build one like this:

maybe something like this:
But let's say you don't have a big yard, or an understanding neighbor, but you do live in Canadia and you have to have a hockey rink. (I think it's a law, or something) So you look around your house and you suddenlyrealize you've got all these 6" Todd McFarlane hockey figures and a nearly empty room in your basement. You could, if you want (and who wouldn't?) build yourself what is probably the greatest table hockey game of all time.

This monster is 70"x45", or about the size of a large dining-room table, it has both custom and production McFarlane figures of the Toronto Maple Leafs battling eternally with our very own Pittsburgh Penguins (including a custom Flower in the net), curved and slotted custom paddles, a working jumbotron with speakers, logos, timers and the very clever use of an electronic picture frame for pictures on one side, and its own series of Youtube videos (Check out vid 5 where he sets up a shot that dinks the water bottle into the air) Then you go to and make all the posers there jealous as hell. (Count me as a poser, I sooo want to break into this dude's house and cart that thing home) The lines for the Pens? Forwards:Malkin, Crosby, Staal. Defense: Gonchar, Letang and our favorite Flower between the pipes. The lines for the Laffs? Who cares? I'm pretty sure I saw Sundin in there somewhere and Belfour in net, after that I couldn't tell you. Well, gotta go, I just realized that I have 12 McFarlane figures including two goalies and the Hanson Brothers..... Wonder if I can move some stuff out of the basement....

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