Friday, October 17, 2008

Don't Panic, Rinse and Repeat:

Instructions: 1) Connect to computer

2) Wait for next Penguin game

3) Repeat step 2 as necessary

Well, some things I know: (sort of) Marc Andre Fleury played a solid game, and it should have been enough for the win, HC Therrien is 'miffed', (if they'd have let that interview go for two more questions MT would have bitten through his lip or had to pay for some expensive media equipment), HCMT is shuffling lines, as well. Bob Smizic is driving the 'Boo-bird Wagon', (notice how he waits until the end before he says 'but I'm not one of those people'. Voice of reason there, Bobbo). Alexander Ovechkin has homicidal tendencies when apposing Malkin: Malkin, who recorded three points, had no clue why the Penguins played a "bad system" in the third period last night. He was equally dumbfounded as to why fellow Russian and Washington left wing Alexander Ovechkin appeared intent on cutting his promising NHL career short. And finally, I know that Elvis Presley aliens invaded the locker room in the second intermission and switched the entire team with look-alikes to allow the Crapitals to win 4-3. (Ok, maybe just average, ordinary, everyday aliens then)

What worked: Mike Yeo's recent incarnation of the power play, the energy and puck movement in the first two periods, the Penalty Kill, and Paul Biznasty is a guy I really don't want to anger.

What didn't: Nearly everything after the second intermission.

Editor's Note: From the "Call It Like It Is" Department... the third Capitals goal was completely Sidney Crosby's fault. He took his time getting back to the Pens' bench which allowed the Caps to have a 3 on 2, which resulted in a goal. Crosby needs to dig in there and either backcheck on the play or at least skate hard back to the bench so that his replacement can catch up to the play. His lack of effort on that play made that goal happen. I was amazed that MAF got as much of it as he did. I love Sid and he is the hardest working guy on the ice 99% of the time, but he really blew it on that one. -Chris

In order to make up for this egregious error, El Sid has purchased a suite in the Igloo for the different charities he supports. Make a wish, Big Brothers & Sisters, and other kid oriented charities will get the opportunity to watch games from the 'Magnifique' level of the arena.-- Rat

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Ali said...

Yep -- Sid really screwed that one up... I couldn't believe it when I saw it...

My brother called the whole way from PA as soon as it happened to rub it in...

Hopefully, tomorrow night will make me feel a lot better...