Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Alex'es Galore:

More Flexible than Gumby:

I love the smell of Flowers in the morning, smells like..... Victory. Or something like that. Well we've all had about 20 hours to bask in the glow of a win. Not only a win, but a win over the Philthy Phlyers. Now it's time to move on and catch up with how our least favorite Russians are doing.

Russian Roulette: It's no secret that the two Alex's, Ovechkin and Semin (isn't that a reproductive fluid?) are not the most popular people in the western edge of Pennsylvania. Ovie seems to take a strange delight in lining up Geno for a little cheap shot action. It could be 'Vechkin is threatened by the prowess, or manly-ness of The Incredible Malk, perhaps he's jealous because Oksana likes Geno better, or it could be that Malkin left him with the room check when they roomed together at the Junior Worlds a couple of years ago, I don't know. And I really don't care. Things have got to change. One difference in tonight's game from the last game the Craps played the Pens is we've added a monster to the first line.... a Cookie Monster. Look for Cooke to get in Ovie's face right off the bat and to 'T' up on him if he so much as says the word 'borscht' in Geno's general direction. How do you say, 'Is that my lung on the ice?' in Russian, O'Retchkin?

The other Alex is a bit of a... well.... wussie. (I'm trying to tame my language here) he had some weaselly remarks about El Sid back in October when it was going to be a long time until he had to back them up. Now it's January and let's go to the map to see where they stand.... Sindy Crosby is 2nd in points in the League even though the Pens have been slumping for about a month (my crying towel is soaked), Alexander the not-so-Great, who said he couldn't understand the big deal about El Capitan ranks a yawn inducing 37th. Hmmm maybe there is something to this Crosby kid after all. (I know, he's not a kid, he's 21 now)

I think I'll have to activate my furry hitsquad for this one.

Kittysniper for O'retchkin:

and Semin is a bit more of a rodent, so we'll send Killer Coyote after him:

More Serious Type Stuff: Alex Go-Go Gadget Goal (is it me, or are there a lot of Alex's in this post?) has been chosen by some yabbo over at as one of the Rookie of half the season, and I didn't even know there was an award for that...

Outdoor News: It seems that this Outdoor Classic thing might catch on. Yankee Stadium, Pen State Stadium, Washington DC, and Boston all have thrown their hats in the ring to be the next host. Art Rhendell is proposing that the Phlyers and Pens battle it out in Pen State stadium, because the fans get along so well, I guess. That would be an interesting 48,000 person snowball fight in the making. NHL CO, John Collins is thinking of putting it up to bids similar to the way that the Super Bowl site is decided. It's good to have a guy in charge get behind something good, but I think Collins wanting to play 'every game' outside is going to adversely affect the game in Florida, Cali and Arizona just a tad.

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