Thursday, January 29, 2009

Don't Go Near There:

Here's the only documentation I could find for the WWE move Marc Andre Fleury put on Drury. You see, the Flower was a bit cross at Dudley there for spending a little too much time in his crease without an invitation. MAF tried to tell him it was a 'Goalies Only' zone but old Duds wouldn't listen. So about the 3rd time he trespassed Flower spanked him in the back of the legs and then shoved at his melon with his catcher and sent the Ragger's Capitain to the ice. The Tower of Flower Power is very particular about who he invites into the Blue Paint Club. Chris Drury is not among those so honored. Sorry Chrissy, guess you'll have to go back to MSG where they're not so choosy about who they let in.

First Ever TFS Award Show: Ok, this isn't the first time I've given out awards, but it is the first time I've actually had an award (picture) to give out. I've seen others do this, and it kind of tickled me, and I've never seen an idea so good that I couldn't steal... uh, improve it. So, here we go:
The Bobby Orr Scoring Award: Goes to.... Who else? Kris Le-Tank for his two goal performance. Le-tank has scored on Lundqvist more than a guy with a drunk prom date. Tanger scored his first NHL goal on Lundqvist and evidently liked the feeling.
The Not Unless You Buy Me Dinner Award: Goes to Maxime Talbot for getting hosed by the refs 2ce in five minutes. The first penalty was, if I'm not mistaken, the 'Getting pushed into the goalie penalty' which will always get you a trip to the box.
The award thing is very new, so it may take a while to get moving. Still haven't decided which way to take it, serious or silly. (knowing me I'm pretty sure which way it's going) So we'll see over the next couple of games. Who knows? I may just melt it down for scrap....

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