Sunday, January 11, 2009


WARNING: This is a vent, and has nothing in its content about Marc Andre Fleury or the Penguins.

If you've ever heard Mark Madden's show on 105.9 the X (and I really hope you have better taste than that) or if you've caught one of his commercials (the downside of listening to the incomprable Mike Lang) he styles himself as a 'supergenius'. If he's talking about being a 'supergenius' the same way Wile E. Coyote is a supergenius, then I agree. At least twice in the last week or so MM has GUARANTEED that HC Therrien is on his way out. (I have someone who listens to MM for me) The latest firing was supposedly to take place after a Colorado loss. Well Mike, unfortunately the Pens lost to the Snowslides..... The result? HCMT still gets to wear his Penguin jammmies, and you're still a no-nothing, loud-mouthed moron. Don't get me wrong, I understand that predictions are just guesses, and everyone makes them. Some are right, some are... not so right. Wrong I can deal with, wrong and self-righteously obnoxious I have a bit of a problem with. There's something so .... Sean Avery about his whole act that I just can't keep from wishing this guy would just fall into a hole and go away. This is not just a 'persona' that Madden assumes for his public. I've played deck hockey in the Burgh for a few years now, and all I hear about him at his 'Madden Tournaments' is that he's the same obnoxious jerk in person that he is on the radio, and add to that he's a overbearing Nazi about the fact that you're playing at 'his tournament' and you have a portrait of a guy not even a hamster could love. (hamsters are notoriously lovable) The Penguins have enough going against them this season without self-styled Yabos like this beating their gums and stroking themselves verbally just to justify their inflated notions of themselves. I'd better leave this for a while, I just got my puter back and the keyboard is taking quite a beating. I'll just let my furry associate handle old Motor Mouth for me:


Molly said...

you make me laugh!

Stagerat said...

Good.... Laughter is the best medicine, except for insanity, it never seems to cure that... Muahahahahahhah!... uh.... ok then....