Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Line Ups and Wins:

Another injured Penguin:

I know you've all been wondering how PittsburghPenguins.com sets the line-ups for the night's action. Well, they all gather around a Ouija board and ask the Spirits for guidance. Then someone who may or may not have been at the morning skate wanders over, makes a guess, throws darts at a list of the available players, rolls some dice, asks his dog, and then types random names on his keyboard. (a very scientific system) and that's how they come up with the line-up, because asking Therrien is like asking your mother for condoms.... ya just don't do it. (and you wouldn't get any if you did) Now that that's all cleared up, we muddle on.

Marc Andre Fleury will (according to PP.com) be guarding the net tonight in Philthy-delphia when the Pens take on the Phlyers. Pascal Dupuis is still suffering the woes of the 'undisclosed' and couldn't skate the skate, so he won't be playing. So that boosts the Cookie Monster up to the top line (at least to start) to 'muss-up' anyone that looks cross eyed at El Capitan (Hartnell) and Paul Biz-nasty will be slugging it out on the 4th line with Jeffery and God-ling. Biznasty was called back to the Big Show (translation: Team of Tears) today for the third time. Ok Paul, go out there and earn your nickname. Tim Wallace was sent back to the Land of the Little Penguins yesterday, so at least tonight we won't have to hear the 'Polar bear eating the baby moose' story from Error again tonight. (or at least less often)

Flower Related Material: The LA Kinks played the Lightning, and for one reason that has everyone mentioning MAF. It's the first time, since the last time, that the first two picks in a draft (08- Drew Doughty and Steve Stamkos) have played each other since the last time that the Pens Played Carolina. (Fleury was picked ahead of Eric Staal in the 03 draft) This is something that actually happens a bit more often than people pay attention to, so I'm not sure this is news, exactly, but it's a Flower related trivia item. (don't think it's on Trivial Pursuit yet)

Fire and Ice: What do you do if you live in Grimsha Alta. Canadia, and your town's rink burns down? You bulldoze the remains flat and pour some water on the ground and viola', instant rink. Also, without an arena there, why would you need a parking lot? Pour some water on that bad boy too and now you have two rinks. The only problem being, that at -25 degrees it's too cold to paint the lines so the kiddie-teams still have to trek to even more outlying areas to get ice-time. I'm thinking that if there's ever an Outdoor Classic in Alberta we're gonna need hot water heaters for the ice, not chillers.

Updated Babblings:

WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!! That win deserves a Snoopy Dance!! The Penguins, on goals by Cookie Monster, Staalsy, TK and Geno beat the Philthy Phlyers 4-2. The Tower of Flower Power stopped 27 of 29 shots. Throw in a couple of fights by God-ly and Biz-nasty and we've got ourselves a party! I was reaching for the remote when Flower missplayed the puck and it bounced in front of the net and Knuble knocked it in. Luckily I was overruled(got my hand slapped) and watched the rest of the game. And what a game it was... The team that no lead has been safe with handily kept their lead and the win. The icing on the cake? Hartnell taking a penalty to ice the win for the Pens..... Gotta love it. Did you notice that the rink announcer 'misscalled' Hart-less's diving call in the second? He announced 'roughing' instead of 'diving'. Who was whining about El Sid 'diving' to get a penalty? Who's whining now, Bitch?
Remember, with every win you should:

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