Monday, January 19, 2009

Inside Flower Hockey:

Mad Maximus and Mark Andre Fleury had a recent stint on Inside Penguins Hockey. Other than the fact that it's one more time you have to put up with Stogie, and they left the commercials in, it's pretty cool. There's a bit of depressing slump-hockey footage, then some commercials, then like 2 questions, and then some more commercials.... you get the idea. Really it's worth the look. Any time those two crazy Canadians get together you know it's going to be entertaining. About 1430 in Max and Flower re-enact their pre-game ritual of beating the crap out of each other.
Other things we learn: Flower follows the pattern of his goalie-idol Patrick Roy by talking to his goalposts in French, thanking them for saves and stuff. MAF also thinks that one-on-one dinners with Potash are kind of 'creepy'. Kris Le-Tank is Maxim's favorite abuse target, and from what I've heard he's everyone's favorite abuse pinata. Stogie does not have a future in Vaudeville, but Fleury might: When Stogie makes a lame crack about the duo's English, Flower plants his mike in the chair and pretends to storm off the set.

Other Goalie Type Stuff: has the first interview with Mathieu Giron, he's kind of quiet and I feel for the guy when he says that he was on the road when the trade happened and he didn't even have time to go home before he had to report to 'da 'Burgh'. I was surprised to find out that Giron (working on a nickname) has been coached by Michel Therrien twice before. Once in the minors and then again in Montreal. He seems to know what a back-ups role is with a team, but it can't be all good to be one and then be shuffled off to another team to play second fiddle again. We'll see how he does down the stretch, but this could be the focusing agent that the Tower of Flower Power needs and a solid wing man for the Flower in net.
As always... more to come as soon as I lose control of my babble-reflex.


Molly said...

that inside penguins hockey was DEFINITELY the best ever!
MAF and mad max made me cry of laughter.

PensChickInFla29 said...

This was awesome even after seeing it I still have such a huge grin. :)