Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back to School, Back to Work:

If there was one thing that might make you want to go back to grade school, that one thing might be Marc Andre Fleury. I think the Flower might have lost a bet, or something because today after practice he went to the Franklin Regional Middle School in Murrysville Pa. Actually, the kids teacher Dr. James Zeliff (who my girlfriend now hates forever) won a 'take your goalie to school' day at the Penguins Charity Gala. (and that's why she hates him, he won it, she didn't. doesn't matter that she wasn't there, she didn't win) I'm not suggesting that everyone need fear winning stuff from the Penguins. Just the meeting MAF stuff.
El Capitan, Sidney Crosby will play in tonight's game against the Raggers. Evidently, the time off did his knee some good. Matt Cooke will not be playing tonight, or Friday against the Debbles. Cookie has been given a two game suspension for a love-tap he gave Scott (the Whiner) Walker during the Carolina game. Walker ducked into a check by Cookie and caught Cookes shoulder with some part of his cranium, so the League decided that the Cookie Monster was a bad boy and spanked him two games for it. Go Figure.. Chris Minard has been called up for at least a couple of games to cover for Cooke. Paul B-nasty was also called up to add some coverage for the 4th line Bill-me-later Thomas will be centering the line with Eric God-ly taking the right wing . Super Duper is going to be on the first line with the Croz and Geno with Minard doing the 2nd line thing with Staal and Syko. Or at least that's the way that is guessing it'll happen. is also guessing that Go-Go, Brooksie and Sarge all skated together, and maybe with the team, that part's kind of fuzzy. Brooks looks to be back 'sometime this weekend', maybe. He is skating with the team and says that 'it's a little tight at night, but it's much better in the morning'. Whatever 'it' is. (Having a dirty mind, I refuse to speculate further. At least at TFS. My private speculations are another matter entirely) Brooks had an interview after practice and really looks like.... a serial killer in a Penguins hat. And not one of those kind where you can say 'he looked so normal' or 'such a quiet guy, kept to himself'. One of those Serial Killers that scare the crap out of you in a dark alley somewhere and make you have to change your pants afterwards, (if you get away alive, that is). Uh.... maybe I've taken this a bit far....
Post Game Update-ish: Chris Le-tank cannoned in 2 goals tonight for his first 2 goal game ever and first star of the game for his 2 goals. (can I say 2 goals again? it just sounds so good) Syko scored two Staalsy scored once and El Sid made another of his sick, pattented spin-backhand goals (and no one knocked him on his butt this time) as the Pens clobbered the Raggers 6-2. The Tower of Flower Power was pretty damn good tonight stopping 32 of 34 and flinging Rangers out of the crease like it was WWE. (headlock, twist, throw!! repeat) Very good game (translation: any game the Penguins win is a VERY GOOD GAME)


Anonymous said...

that school is the town over from me, and i was thisclose to moving to that school district last year!!
i have a ton of friends that go to Franklin Regional HS, so i bet some younger siblings got to meet him!!


Stagerat said...

So close, but yet so far.... Better luck next time, I guess