Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Flower Save of the Week:

The power of the Flower Stare controls your every move.

How hard do you have to work to get the Save of the Week when your team loses 6-2? Well, the Tower of Flower Power did just that, on an amazing save on Blake in the third period of Saturday's game. Blake was all alone on the left side of the net and took a pass and Flower launches himself across the crease to snag the puck with his trapper. Don't believe me about it being a great save? Check it out yourself:
If you're curious about the other 9 saves of the week, here's a link. I'd swear Lundqvist looks at the puck in his glove after his save (#7) like 'how the hell did you get in there?'. It was not a slow week for good saves in the NHL and Flower made it to the top with a stunner.

Coach Dan had a press conference today he was circumspect about what he said for the most part, but to me he sounded fairly disgusted with the work ethic of the Pens and not pleased at all with what they seemed to expect to go on during a practice. I get the feeling that he's going to do what he can to change that. He did say that he was pleased with the attitude of the individual team members, but I get the impression that doesn't extend to the way MT ran the team. The fact that the picture of Kevin Stevens was peering over his left shoulder didn't hurt when talking about work ethic either. He was talking alot about 'pace' and 'aggressive offense and defense'. I don't know how that's going to translate to the ice, but I like the sound of it. One specific thing I liked to hear was the possibility of Cookie, TK, and Staal getting back on the same line, they caused a lot of trouble for other teams when they got in sinc.


Anonymous said...

In Flower We Trust!

Thats if he has defense to help him out. Oh and please leave Error at home to jinx another team.

Stagerat said...

If only we could... It's too bad there's no 'coach' for announcers. We'd have Mike Lange back in the booth before game-time.... Ah well, we can dream, anyway... lol

Anonymous said...

That picture of Flower should have this caption:

IFlowerBot... Muhaahaahaa!