Friday, February 20, 2009

Brotherly Love, My A$$:

Today Philadelphia, tomorrow the world! Or Washington, anyway... We'll get to see how Coach Dan's new method of Pexecution (Penguin-execution) develops in his third and fourth game as HC. the Pens have a short road trip to a couple of not-nice places. I used to laugh at the 'rivalry' between Pittsburgh and Philly, but I'm now a confirmed Philly hater. There's just something about that city I just don't like. There's more than a little 'Broad Street Bullies' about the Flyers and they showed it once again right from the drop of the puck. Cheap shot artists and whiny bitches. Oh, and give Mike Richards a 9.95 for that dive on the 5 on 3. But I've just about run out of nasty things to say about Philly without repeating myself. They did do one nice thing though... They beat the Buffaslugs Thursday night allowing the Pens to drag themselves 2 points closer to that last play-off spot. So, thanks Philly, and you should write that down, because I'll probably never say it again.
Philthy did one more good thing... they lost to the Pens 5-4 in a wild psycho game. El Sid scored the game winning goal on a Marty Biron mistake and a Stretch Armstrong (old toy, really stretchy. Let it go) play to poke it in the net as just a part of a 4 point game for El Capitan. And someone relit the fire under Fed's ass and he has a 3 point, 2 goal night and was flying around the ice all afternoon. I was out aimlessly roaming the countryside, looking for the odd pillage opportunity, so I got to hear the incomparable Mike Lange call the game, and missed the annoyance that the FSN dynamic duo (?) can sometimes cause, but from what I heard, the guys had the same attitude that got them the Canadien win Thursday. Every time the Philthy Fryers scored the Penguins answered back. The defensive scheme seems to still need a bit of work, and two goals scored against due to broken sticks,(need stronger sticks guys) but as long as they keep winning while they're working on it, who cares? Oh, and on a side-note, I'd like to feel sorry for the Fryer that got hit in the face with a puck from his own guy I really tried to feel sorry for the dude.... for about three whole seconds, but then I heard it was Hartnel and said 'f#$k him'. He was a part of the 1st period mugging crew that wore the orange jerseys. Seriously guys, Rocky was a fictional character who happened to live in Philadelphia. I know Malkin is too good a player for you guys to actually play against, but that doesn't mean you get to actually punch him.
Ratt-note: I am a man secure in my heterosexuality, but as I was listening on 105.9 the X, I heard their commercial with Marc Andre Fleury, and he's one damned sexy sounding, pointy lipped man. Now I know why those girls over at Puck Huffers think he can impregnate women with a great save..... or a quick glance, or when they think about him while... uh..... I think I'll stop right there.

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