Monday, February 9, 2009

Red-rag Rage:

This is running a bit late because I have once again been struck down by the Deadly Plague. Or at least the flu. (Deadly Plague sounds much more dramatic) This debilitating illness can't possibly compare to the chapped condition of the Red-rags generative members from the continued lip pressure applied by both Edzo and Doc Emmerick. Never in the hallowed halls of slanted broadcasting have I EVER seen such a session of live broadcast fellatio perpetuated during a sporting event. (Even the Chinese judges where going... "Damn!") Only two things prevented me from doing irreparable damage to my TV. One: I'm still saving money for that bowling thing, and can't afford a new TV. Two: No matter how much I try, I can't actually reach through the screen and inflict damage on my intended victim.
Let me see if I've got this straight. The two people giving their 'unbiased' opinions on the game are A: A former Penguin player/coach fired twice by the organization and replaced with the current coach. and B: the main media personality for and recently honored by one of the long-time rivals of one of the teams on the ice. Congratulations NBC!! You've just proven, once again you know next to nothing about the game of hockey. One biased reporter is enough, two is one too many.
If someone is looking to bury the Penguins season they'll find Eddie and Doc already there with the shovels. Wasn't it bad enough to have my favorite team lose the game without having to hear how 'pitiful' the Penguins were from those two? Really Ed, it's not Marc Andre's fault you lost your job and became the laughingstock of the coaching community, you accomplished all that on your own. The question was never why you got fired, the question was always 'Why the hell did they hire you in the first place?'. What's the matter? Won't anyone in Chicago listen to you run your mouth about how well you could run the Blackhawks? Enough of that crap, it's not like he'll ever read this anyway.
Penguin Stuff: John Curry has been named AHL/Reebok player of the week, last week. He'll get a cool looking crystal trophy and a pair of used Reeboks... uh.... I think they scratched the sneaks, but he'll still get the trophy. Curry went 3-0 last week and extended his winning streak to 8, tying his career best. This says nothing but good things about the depth of talent in net for the Pens.
Stupid Player Stuff: When your team's fighting for a play-off spot and you're looking for some kind of edge to get one of their rivals started in a death spiral of winless hockey and locker room recriminations, what should you do?
A: Find a way to sneak some sort of annoying rodent into their locker room.
B: Start some sort of personal scandal with one of their players.
C:Set some sort of Voodoo curse on them.
D: All of the above. (ie: hope they hire Sean Avery)
Well, it seems as if the New York Rangers are opting for answer D. Although nothing is official yet, word is that once Dallas assigns him to the AHL now that he's cleared waivers IFSA might be traded to the NYR affiliate in Hartford. The Stars are still 'you don't have to go home, Sean, but you can't stay here', and the Rangers haven't said anything officially.


Anonymous said...

I was reading over in another blog about the Pens and the amount of stuff that spews all over is enough to make you violently ill. I have heard people say we need to trade Flower and other player. Um the last time I looked its a team effort and not just one or two players that make up the team. No matter what happens to us Im not giving up just because the "Dead Things" shut us out. Im not giving up on Flower either. He is a kick ass goalie that was outplayed and just did have enough defense to help him. Oh by the way, I cannot wait for March 5 and April 5 when the Pens come to Florida. Im going to both games. Cant wait to see the boys then. Whoo hoo!

Stagerat said...

At least you don't have to watch them in the Rat's nest out in Sunrise anymore... wow was that place a dump.(btw, I think there's still a divot that I put in the parking lot there) I agree, btw it takes a team to win and a team to lose. People who say we need to trade the Flower ought to pass around whatever they're smoking, because they're hogging all the good stuff!