Friday, February 13, 2009

Take Off, eh?:

The New Toronto game announcers

Saturday the Pens take off to the Great White North to face the Toronto Maple Buds (not Leafs, buds. Get it? ok that was pretty lame, but it was still better than PensChick's 'Aunt Jemimas') This year, for some reason the Laffs have had the Pens number. Kind of like the kid in school that everyone pushes around and he just takes it, until you mess with him (or her) and he goes postal. Maybe they're still stinging over us getting Scary Gary and haven't noticed that he's not playing for us anymore.... don't know. Don't care, the guys need 2 points and the Laffers are sitting on them sticking their toungues out at us. Here's their new mascot

Several good things could start happening Saturday night for the Pens. Firstly, there's a decent chance of either Sergei Gonchar or Ruslan Fedotenko or both making back into the line-up. Sarge ain't saying one way or the other, and neither is Therrien. Feds, on the other hand, says he's ready and wants to play Sat., and is just waiting for whenever HCMT gives him the go-word. This brings up an interesting dilemma and a possible solution already in the works. Luca Caputi has been returned to the Baby Pens (I wonder if they got their deposit back?) clearing an offensive spot should Feds be back in the line up. But who sits or is moved to make room for Sarge? That's a tough one. Phillipe Boucher won't be back for an indefinite period after going through surgery on his foot today in Plano Texas (wonder if he got a tackle box with that?) , Go-Go is back with the Little Pens, but that still leaves 7 guys and 6 spots. This is the dilemma they've been waiting to have since the beginning of the season, but how do they handle it now that it's here? Inquiring minds want to know...

Flower Report: I think I may have shown this once already, but I'm waaaaaay too damn lazy to check my back posts to find out, and it's just too cute not to re-run it anyway. It's the tape of 'Take a Flower to School Day' when MAF went to Franklin Elementary in Murraysville Pa.



Anonymous said...

yay penguins!
hope feds and gonch are back tomorrow, we need them. well gonchar anyways, fedotenko isn't anything special.

AHHH it's MURRYSVILLE! ever since that video aired, everyone spells it wrong! i live the town over.
but MAF is adorable!!

Stagerat said...

ok, I'm from the Midwest so I don't know how to spell 'Burghstyle' but Sarge and Feds are slated to be in the line up tonight... (even I can spell that)

Stagerat said...

Well..... that game sucked! Looked pretty good in the first period, and then they played 'defensive' hockey (translation: loosing hockey) after that. How many games are these guys going to lose doing that before they get a clue? Flower looked good, just had no help... damned shame

Anonymous said...

i know, seriously!
let's get back to the basics, like that one game in philly.
they need to stop getting all fancy with the puck, and just do what needs to be done. nothing extra.
flower could use a little bit of touching up too.

Anonymous said...

By the time you do a new post if you hadnt known by now they nixed Therrien. I nearly fell out of my chair when I got the Pens alert on my phone. I was so stunned I didnt know what to day especially since they just upped his contract too! Wow anything they need to do to make the playoffs.