Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Long Island, Long Game:

Marc Andre Fleury stopped all 600 shots by the Ice T's for a shut-out 1-0 victory for the Pens. Ok it was just 21 shots, but he stopped them all, and got the first Star of the game. Syko scored the one and only game-winning goal off the rebound from a Sarge blast after a strange sort of formation flight into the zone with him and Geno. Then there was the eternal waiting for the last 2:28, sucking air every time the T's got into the zone. Willing the Flower to make yet another save. (I think we helped, really I do) and willing the Penguins to a much needed win. (is there any other kind at this point?) Without Danis in the net, trying to make up for the last Pensgame he played NY doesn't even come out of the locker room for the third period. (nope, 43-0 is good enough, you win) Danis was making some wild saves and also evidently had on his super-good-luck Scooby Doo Garanimals underwear on, because there's no way 4 or 5 of those pucks don't go in the net. I'm still wondering how Malkin's chance at a wide open net didn't go in, and I've seen the replay.... 3 times!

I think Le-tank got whatever message Coach Dan was trying to send him and may even have sent back a reply with a great hit and a pretty good shot on his first shift tonight. And who was that masked man diving to break up a break-away? The Pens were playing hard tonight, and you could tell in the third that no way was a split going to be good enough. It was 2 points or bust and everyone working hard to make it 2 points. Ratt likes, Ratt likes a lot.

Once again, more to come as the random numbers bobble around in my head.....

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