Monday, February 16, 2009

What the....?:

Found on Michel Therrien's fax machine.

Wow! I was watching the news last night waiting for the weather to come on to see if I needed to wear a hoodie under my Pens jersey when out of the blue: "Therrien was fired today." I went.... 'Did I just hear that right? I mean, they just offered him a big fat contract 8 months ago.' So I waited through the 17 minutes of commercials about erectile dysfunction, two other stories about how someone's dog's butt looks like Elvis, or something and then it was confirmed... HCMT is no longer HC. Some guy I'd probably know a lot more about if I kept better track of the Baby Pens, Dan Bylsma..... What kind of friggin name is that? I don't mean any (much) disrespect, but that sounds like some sort of disease. Actually, I hear good things about Dan, he's done well as an assistant and then Coach of WBS, but it's looking to me like Dan's the season's sacrificial lamb. There's not really enough of a season left to tell if anything good or bad is because of the coaching change. Therrien was evidently absolutely floored by the news. The quote I heard from Shero was :'I haven't liked the direction the team has been taking in the last couple of weeks'. Well, wasn't it just 2 weeks ago that he said that MT's job was secure? If I were a hockey coach, I wouldn't unpack my shit even if I'd been with the same team for 10 years.

First Game Blues: Dan Bylsma's first game as HC was a disappointing OT loss to the Isles. I have no idea what happened to Flower in the shoot out. he let 2 out of 3 by him on some pretty lame looking shots. The one he did block was a stunner, even the guy who shot it was impressed. Then Malk and Croz both had golden chances at basically an open net and missed. Gonch scored his first point this season with an assist on Whits goal. With the game being in the afternoon I ended up listening to Lange and Bourque for the first two periods and I'd swear I heard Bourquie say Le-tank two or three times during the game. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who calls him that... hmmmm. Well, one point is better than none, but two is what we need almost every game.

Michel, it's been a wild ride, and I'm not really happy about you leaving. Thanks for the last two seasons, and I hope you find another job soon. To help you along with this I think you might need to read this:

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