Monday, February 23, 2009

Suckage and Suicide:

I'm not going to try to blow smoke up your ass. Sunday's game sucked. The score sucked, the announcers sucked, (curse you NBC!!), pulling Marc Andre Fleury in the second period sucked, the power play sucked..... let's just say there was much suckage, including the fact that all the wrong teams are winning their games (how the hell did Florida beat Boston anyway?).

But some things didn't suck.... or at least not as much. Garon kept the net clear once he was thrown to the lions, Mad Maximus scored his second goal in 3 games, Gonch scored another power play goal, and the ever dangerous Rob Scuderi was once again doing his imitation of male denial especially on Nylander's breakaway in the third period. The Pens matched the Caps physically, and strangely enough, that may not have been such a hot idea. It forced the Pens to try to beat the Craps at their own game while still trying to adjust to a new system. Not easy, especially when dealing with our own world class goalie who, let's face it, is in something of a slump for the last few games. Flower, we love ya, but when you're in the net, sometimes the guys have a tendency to lean on you a bit too much.

For the third game in a row Kris Le-tank sat sadly on the sidelines and watched (I think) the game like an average citizen. Possibly because of the tendency of coaches not to mess with what's working (you must respect the streak), he's waiting around like the goofy kid that didn't get picked for the game. (and let's face it, Kris is kind of goofy, incredibly talented, but goofy) Coach Dan has publicly said that he's hoping for a bit more from Kris in the way of intensity during games and practices. (Coach, if you're waiting for the Tank to become a serious player, you may have to wait a bit.... like until he's a grandfather or something) Rumors are flying around that his sitting out is a prelude to a possible trade. But this makes no sense. When you're ready to trade someone you keep him on the ice so the other teams can drool over him and offer you more, you don't sit him out. Besides, the way we were going through defensemen earlier in the year there's no such thing as having 'too many'.

Ratt-note: I will be among the crazed Pensaddicts flooding the Waste spaces with my inanities when and if the Pens make the play-offs. I have every confidence in their ability and the possibility of making the post season. But just in case the worst (?) happens and I can't find that bottle of pills right away, I won't be looking for a tall building to throw myself off of (what if I change my mind on the way down?), I'll be thinking about how the Pens played the last third of the season. If in the midst of my despair at having to watch teams that I don't care about in the play-offs and SCF I can look back and say 'Damn, those Pens never gave up, they fought all the way through' I'll put down the shotgun, empty the pill bottle into the sink, untie the rope from the rafters, and actually look forward to next season. All that 'character' rah-rah aside I might change my opinion if Rob Rossi's speculation about the possibility of Pierre McGuire becoming the next head coach of the Penguins becomes a reality. But if that horrible future actually takes place, I'll have more of a 'He goes before I do' mentality about the whole situation. Mr. Shero, these guys are on TV for a reason and that reason is... they can't coach, they can't play, and they enjoy kissing the wrong team's ass during a national broadcast! (ok that was more than one reason, but you get my drift)
Interesting..... but shtupid: TSN's Bob McKensy, is reporting that the New York Rangers have reached a secret accord with John Tortorella, former coach of the Lightning, for him to become head coach now that Renney has been fired. Just as soon as they ask permission to talk to him..... There's something backward about that, but that's the way it goes sometimes. And when someone can explain that to me, I'll get them to work on this one: How do you get fired while coaching a 6th place team? The mind wobbles.
But that brings something else into the pinball table I call a mind: Don't be surprised if you see FHC (Former Head Coach) Michel Therrien behind the bench next season. I wouldn't be at all shocked to see him behind the bench of.... oh..... say the same team that is now being called 'Penguins South'? I mean, they took everyone else, didn't they? Malone, Hall, Recci, Roberts, et al? And the Lightning are 3rd from the bottom in the Conference. I have no inside information,(ok, I'm talking out my ass) but it's something to think about.


ali said...

Oh please... NOT PIERRE.

Well -- at least we wouldn't have to hear him talk necessarily... hhhmmm.... Nah. I don't want him.

Living out of state I appreciate nationally televised games because I can actually watch them on tv, and not sitting at my desk watching my little computer screen. BUT, NBC is so awful I ended up being very very very close to just shutting it off and listening to the radio. Ugh. NBC just needs to leave the Pens alone.

And -- Letang needs to play...


Stagerat said...

NBC hockey coverage sucks! Can I get a witness?.... Yeah, if you live out of the area and aren't willing to put up with the extortion of Center Ice (80 bucks for the last 20 games? are you shitting me?) it's tough. Despite the lag it might be better if you bring up 105.9 on your computer and mute the tv.
If we don't see Le-tank Wed. I'll be shocked. I think he should play, definitely.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right NBC sucked. I wouldnt have mind Error and Steigy over those schmucks from NBC. I never saw so much gay love over Ovenchicken! From the sound of it they could have drooled over Ovenchicken! Ew!

Stagerat said...

Oh it isn't limited to O'retchkin, I still remember those two nuzzling up to the Detroit Red Rags. Chap Stick and KY all around, barkeep.... Someone at NBC should be told that Edzone isn't over that whole firing thing yet... sheesh.