Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sharks, Sarge's and Birthdays:

The Penguins will be facing the San Jose' Sharks tonight at the Mellon Arena. But that ain't the big news. Sergei Gonchar has been cleared to play by the team doctors. Sarge won't be in the line-up tonight and there's no telling how long it will be until he's playing 20+ minutes per game, but good news is good news, yes? As to when he'll actually get into a game and how much he'll do in it, it's kind of hard to say. Sarge says that it'll be up to HC Therrien and Therrien says it will be up to Sarge. (huh? I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albequerque) Feds and Boucher are still listed as 'day-to-day' but Feds is skating and Boosh isn't.

In other Penguin type news Mad Maximus is turning 25 today and hopes the Pens will give him the gift of a win to celebrate. (I'm all for that, and get him a cake too. Just don't let Cookie serve it, or it'll be in Max's face) So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAXIME TALBOT, (I can't spell in French, so you're out of luck there)

The Tower of Flower Power is projected to be in net tonight, with TK and Dupuis winging for El Capitan and the Birthday boy centering the 4th line between Godard and Thomas.(is it just me, or does it seem like Therrien just rattles everyone's name around in a cup and rolls them out, and BINGO there are your lines?) Joe Thorton, for the Sharks is on a pretty good scoring tear and could be a problem if not contained. He and Gill have a bit of a history, both playing for the Brunes and during the first minute of Thorton's first game back to B-town as a shark he was ejected from the game for elbowing the Sequoia along the boards. Oh, they both say they're over it, but you never know how that sort of thing will play out during a game. So... LET'S GO PENS! And win one for the Maximus!
The Clouds Part: Things with IFHSA (Avery). It seems that his going to the Raggers AHL affiliate had nothing to do with NY picking him up. Dallas doesn't have a minor league team, and so they asked permission for the Wonder Weasel to play for the Wolfpack. So far Sean is playing nice with the media (hey, it's only been one day) and saying all the right things. (namely that he won't be making any more statements to the media) and that all he wants to do is 'help these guys win'. (and if you believe that, I've got a bridge that I can sell ya, cheap!) The Stars have really been missing IFHSA only posting an 18-8-3 record since showing him the door. Wasn't he supposed to be such an integral part of the team? I'm sure they'll show it any day now..... yeah right.


ali said...

MAF was HUGE tonight...

He definately deserved that #1 star!



Anonymous said...

MAF one word.... WOW! ok how about another one AWESOMENESS! I was trying to contain myself at work so I wouldnt go balistic but man what a game!!!

Whoo hoo!

Stagerat said...

That's why he's called The Tower of Flower Power! Ok, only I call him that, but it's appropriate! Awesome game...