Friday, March 13, 2009

And Furthermore...:

Ok.... now I'm ready to go. I've taken almost enough sedatives to calm down about the Referee suckage, (well... mostly) and I think I'm ready to do this.... I don't think I much need to recap the game... There's a reason Mason leads the League in shut-outs (9) and we pretty much saw it. Of course, then again, there's a reason that Geno leads the League in points (97) and assists,(67) and I think we saw some of that within the span of 3:25. I don't want to jinx anything so I'm not going to talk about three digit scoring... or any trophy things, or team scoring streaks just yet. Maybe later. (I'm not superstitious or anything... really!)
On to some pretty good stuff...
Pretty Good Stuff: Almost everyone in Pensland, and Columbutts, including Stogie, was ready to credit RJ Humburger with a goal. Everyone that is, except for The Tower of Flower Power, Marc Andre Fleury. Flower flat-out robbed RJ for betraying his 'Burgh roots and playing for the competitors. I've watched this 4 times and STILL can't believe it.
Check out Humble-burger's shocked face as he glides up the boards. He had a better view than anyone, and HE thought it was a goal. Sorry HB, you suck and Flower rules.
And in the Continuing YouTube saga of MAF and the Flower Children, here's another view, taken at the scene of the crime. It's a homemade shot someone posted on the Tube, it's short and amounts to another tease, but a couple more days and I'll post the whole thing.
Game Stuff:Gonchar is so far still credited with a goal I could swear Kunitz scored,(you can hear it hit Nitz's stick) but a goal is a goal, I'm not bitching. Super Duper scored his first goal in forever, or something, and I'm sure Maximus wasn't expecting the big man-clinch on the ice when he scored his goal..... c'mon guys... get a room, or something... lol.

Back to back games this weekend, and 8 games in a row at home mean I'm going to be posting like a madman! Of course there are some that call me that already, but what do they know? (but I AM Napoleon! put that white jacket away!) So, until next time... Vive La Fleur!!


Anonymous said...

Ok so I though Nationwide was on our side (Lol!) but oh well, atleast we got a point. I read on NHL where would we be if the playoffs started now OMG we would be playing Ovenchicken! (EW!) Right about now I would have to be paying for a new PC cause I almost spit out my coke onto my PC.

Go Pens and The Tower of Flower Power!
PS. Pens vs Panthers photos coming in process of editing some of them due to the blurriness!

Stagerat said...

Well..... ok there's nothing I can say about that... lol I'd probably spit soda into my keyboard too. Just throw those pics my way if you want them posted here. Pens VS Ruuuuuutu and the Sens today.... this play-off thing is still driving me crazy! Go Pens!!