Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Broke Down Break Down:


Some of you may have noticed (some of you may not have) that I didn't do my usual post-game antics after the Raggers left town. The reason for this is simple (and so am I) other than the 3 or so hours I spent satisfying my Pens-jones Saturday, I've been working like a Mad Scientist (see inclosed photo) to revive my ailing vehicle. (not wanting to buy my mechanic another yacht). So, some of this will be catch-up (not to be confused with 57 Varieties) and some of it will be my ignoring the fact that I have catching-up to do. So strap yourselves in (or down), here we go:

Fleury Facts: One fact I dug up probably won't win that game of NHL Trivial Pursuit you've got planned for this weekend, but interesting nonetheless. According to Bob Grove (and who am I to dispute Bob?) The Tower of Flower Power is undefeatable (is that a word?) on the 25th day of the third month of the year. For the last three years in a row MAF is 3-0 (hey that rhymes!). Not only is the month of Ceasar's Ghost good to the Flower, he has one day that he evidently gets all to himself because all three games were shut-outs. 3/25/07, 3-0 against the Broons. 3/25/08, 2-0 against the Debbles, and 3/25/09, 2-0 against the Flamers. I don't know about you, but I'm planning next 3/25 to have Marc-Andre buy me a MEGA-MILLIONS ticket..... BTW, the Pens went 10-1-2 in March, I know I've said it before, but it still blows me away.

When We Were Pens: Dany Sabourin was given 1st place at NHL.com's version of the Top 5 shootout saves, and I thought you might like to see it. Amazing save:
We miss ya, Dany.

Well, more to come when I get my stuff back to gether..(or when I can get to gether back together) or when I can find TK's fight vid. You never know.


Anonymous said...

Man, Sunday feels like an eternity when they come back down to Fla. What Im going to do is take more photos Sunday and then post both Mar 5 and April 5 together. Its the least I can do since you cant be down here (meant for Stagerat!)

Go Pens tomorrow vs the Debbils (lol!)

Stagerat said...

Penschick, you're too good to me. Either that or you're tired of hearing me whine about not having tickets... either way I get game pics! so it's cool... lol