Monday, March 23, 2009

Streaks and Confused Monkeys:

The Streak has ended

The 12 game point streak has ended for Marc Andre Fleury and the Pens. And the Ratt has entered a period of meditation to once again center himself with the Hockey Universe. Actually the guys didn't play badly, and the Phlyers didn't play better than the Pens, they just got an unbelievable game out of Marty Biron, (and how often does that actually happen against the Pens?) Most of the time Biron is a Central European Dairy Product (Swiss Cheese) to the Pens snipers, but not Sunday. Kris Le-tank scored the only goal for the Flightless ones, but the rubber was flying (28 shots) and the energy was up we just needed to crack Biron with a pipe or something. But we can't bitch (doesn't mean we won't) out of the 34 possible points available to the Pens since Coach Dan took the reins the guys have managed to lasso 27 of them, go from a distant 10th to a semi-solid 5th with a decent chance for 4th place before the last 8 games have been played. (Philly has 11 games left) We were bound to lose one or two, I just hate that it was Philthy we lost to, but it just gives me more to hate them for. (hey, that kinda rhymed!)

Better Hockey Stuff: Call him Evgeni, Geno, The Incredible Malk, or the Beast From the East(-ern Conference) Malkin is 10 points ahead and has 5 assists more than El Capitan and has been picked the League's Second Star for his 3 goal 5 assist, 8 point run last week. That Cam Ward dude was First Star, and Shane Doan (All Star Shoot-Out winner) caught the Third Star honors. Guess those Blogger-verse guys were wrong about the suspension too, huh?

Kinda Not so Good News: The Buffaslugs have kind of been struggling without the services of Amp Energy Drink commercial star Ryan (yo mama) Miller. Well, Miller started skating with the team today, he doesn't give any timetable for his return, but you've got to know he'll be pushing it with the 'Slug's play-off chances floating out into Erie with the rest of the Buffalo sewage. They're a much better team with him in, and there are enough teams knotted up in this play-off race, I don't need another one to keep track of.

What the....?: Speaking of teams we forgot to watch, the Ottawa Senators have somehow managed to claw their way out of the basement and now hold 11th place in the East. Just 2 points behind the aforementioned Buffaslugs. They've won 5 games in a row, including one against the NY Rags (thank you very much). Of all the weird things that have happened in the standings this year, this might be the weirdest.


PensChickInFla29 said...

Still keepin the faith in the Flower and the Pens.

I just got back from watchin the Panthers vs Carolina game and damn that was a really good game though. I may have had a blonde moment but confused Eric Staal with Marc Staal. Too many to keep track other than Jordan. (PS Free ticket from the Panthers too!)

Go Pens!

Stagerat said...

Of course we must have faith in The Tower of Flower Power and the Pens. You are one lucky chick,... uh.... Chick. The Kitties and the 'Canes are both playing some pretty good hockey lately. That would have been a good game to watch live (jealousy rears its ugly head again) lol

PensChickInFla29 said...

All I did was fill out a survey and typed in a code to get the tickets and it was on a day I was off from work. But my real big dream is to go up to Pitt and see a game. I know the Mellon will be gone but atleast a chance to see it one last time.

Stagerat said...

I know I don't need to tell you this, but you have 8 games, possibly the play-offs and one more season to get your Mellon fix. I'm almost certain that once Cosol is complete, Mellon is coming down. It'll be a sad day, but I know I'll have to go see that. End of an era, you know.