Saturday, March 14, 2009

Two Games... Two Points:

Marc Andre Fleury can make saves from his butt

Once again Marc Andre Fleury was making tremendous saves (36-39) in a semi-losing effort. I could only watch part of the game (mechanical trouble, had to jump on my trusty steed and ride to the rescue) So, I got to see Flower take the 'penalty' for whacking that guy with his glove. (hey ref! he's just defending the Flower Patch, man!) And Le-tank rush to the rescue and get away with smacking some Sen around afterwards.

So I actually only saw the third period, but it seemed that the guys had already put this game behind them and were thinking about tomorrow. Never a good Idea when facing a team who only has one thing to prove. That they can beat your team. (Oh yeah? well my old man can beat the crap out of your old man!) Well, the only good thing about it is that the Pens are the only team in the play-off clinch to get a point today. (oh yeah, I'm not looking at the standings anymore, am I?) Small consolation, but at least it's something. What is it about playing Pittsburgh that brings out the best in every two-bit goalie that ever strapped on a set of pads? For anyone else Elliot and the other back-ups are basically cannon fodder, but once they see that 'Fighting Penguin' logo they suddenly become St. Patrick Roy in the SCF. I just have to say, that despite some very good play the Pens gave that game away to the Sens-amillias.

Good Game Stuff: There was some, including this mind blowing save by The Tower of Flower Power on Fisher in OT.

I'd also REALLY like to know what Flower said to Ruuuuuutuu after he blocked his SO attempt. After Rutes missed the shot, MAF skated after him to give him some fertilizer, I assume. But Ruuuutuu didn't say a word back and just skated off the ice. I guess he uses Vigo-grow or something.

I was amazed to see Eric Godard do his Evgeni Malkin imitation during a game. I mean, he shoots down the ice, brushes off the defender and powers it into the goal. Elliot still doesn't know why they had a face-off at Center Ice after that one.

So I guess we're left with a dilemma. Either this is the low part of the 'streak' or a prelude to Sunday's game against the 'Broons' (why do Canadians pronounce it that way?) Does the Penguin wake the sleeping bear, or run him off? These questions and many more will be answered (or raised) Sunday afternoon.


PensChickInFla29 said...

CAUTION FOR FLOWER: RU-CHEW MAY BITE! (or wait its the other one, dude Im confused!) I literally just about fell out of my chair when I saw Flower getting a penalty. From what Im hearing Flower Tower of Power is sitting out tomorrow! Yikes! I guess I'll be soaking in Mylanta tomorrow!

Stagerat said...

No need...Garon was good enough for the win against the Brunes... cool!